Slim Shaker Cabinets Are Not A Trend


When the slim shaker cabinet door came on the scene, no one could have anticipated the growth and demand it has had. Superior Cabinets got an early start with the slim shaker door and first launched an MDF version in 2018 called the Darby door. It first resonated with professional kitchen designers and interior designers looking for something unique, but then quickly made its way into the mainstream, which is why slim shaker cabinets are not a trend, they are a staple.

In 2020, the Superior Cabinets portfolio team launched a wood version calling it the Eryn door. It was immediately revered by homeowners, designers, and home builders, which almost immediately launched it into cult status.

This door style is clean and sophisticated. It is perfect for those who want something a bit more detailed than a Flat Slab Door, but not as heavy as the classic shaker-style cabinet door. The narrow shaker detail gives it a touch of modern styling while maintaining a classic feel.

Another factor influencing its popularity is due to the growth in popular design styles such as Mid-Century Modern, Boho Chic, and Organic Modern. With the growth of these styles, the micro shaker has found its place.

Due to its uniqueness, the skinny shaker cabinet door represents something different in the market, almost as though it’s a new segment category for cabinet door patterns. From a style profile, it fits right in between Slab and Five Piece door styles, offering a fresh, unique, and sleek profile that could fit into pretty much any home.     

Technical Details

For the Superior Cabinets line of cabinetry, there are a few important technical details to consider with the Slim Shaker Door.

Slim Shaker in Wood [The Eryn Door]

  • Thicker Door:  7/8” overall door thickness, whereas most cabinet doors are 3/4” thick.
  • Reveal:  Has a 1/8” recessed depth panel.
  • Natural Only with Black Walnut:  The Eryn Slim Shaker is only available in a Natural Finish with Black Walnut Wood. For other available wood species, a stain will need to be selected.
  • Not Available in Hickory:  The Eryn Slim Shaker is not available in Hickory Wood.
  • Not Available in Rustic Wood:  Due to the construction on this door, rustic is not available. This is because the center panel is made of wood veneer and not solid wood.

Slim Shaker in One Piece MDF [The Darby Door]

  • Reveal:  Has a 1/16” depth recess.
  • Made of One Piece:  This is fabricated on a CNC router, great for environments with low humidity and dramatic seasonal changes, as cracking at door joints due to seasonal changes will not occur.

Noticeable Differences Between Wood and MDF

The Darby Thin shaker in MDF has a more subtle look and reveal, due to the lessened reveal depth for the faux panel, which is recessed at 1/16”.

The wood Eryn narrow shaker cabinet doors have a more detailed look with a deeper reveal as the center panel is recessed 1/8”. Also, the stiles and rails are 3/4” thick on the wood version, rather than 5/8” with the MDF version.

The noticeable mitered corners and the visible wood grain directions also make it stand out compared to the Painted MDF version.

Thin Shaker in Maple Wood, Burlap Stain by Superior Cabinets
Thin Shaker in Maple Wood, Burlap Stain by Superior Cabinets

Alternative Names for the Slim Shaker Door

There are many acceptable names for this door, some of the alternative names for Slim Shaker cabinets are Thin Shaker, Tiny Shaker, Narrow Shaker, Skinny Shaker, Small Shaker, and Micro Shaker. Call it whatever you want, but know this door is here to stay, as slim shaker cabinets are not a trend.


Whichever version you choose, Wood or MDF, you can’t go wrong. If you were hesitant that the slim shaker cabinet style was just a trend, the Superior Cabinets Design Experts can attest that it is now a standard and will be around for years to come.

Skinny Shaker in Maple Wood, Raffia Handcrafted Finish by Superior Cabinets
Skinny Shaker in Maple Wood, Raffia Handcrafted Finish by Superior Cabinets

If you are considering this door style and want to see it in person, be sure to get in touch with an Authorized Superior Cabinets Professional Kitchen Designer in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg. If you are located elsewhere, be sure to connect with one of our Authorized Superior Cabinets Dealer Partners.


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