Where is Superior Cabinets located?

Superior Cabinets has corporate showrooms in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.  The corporate head office and state-of-the-art frameless cabinet manufacturing facilities are located in sunny Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

How long has Superior Cabinets been around?

Superior Cabinets was established in 1980 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, by visionary Charles Larre, as a small cabinet shop with a vision to create a company based on integrity, dedication to customer service and product innovation. Today, our vision has not changed. Experts in kitchen design, we incorporate leading-edge innovation and kitchen functionality in all of our projects. Dedication to our customers is a priority for Superior Cabinets, and our service promise is unparalleled.

Why Choose Superior Cabinets?

It boils down to people and passion. From our knowledgeable and experienced designers to our skilled craftsmen in manufacturing, to our dedicated team of professional installers, no one will care more about your space than us.

Every Kitchen, Bathroom, Bar, Mudroom, Desk/Home Office, Laundry Room, Entertainment Unit, Fireplace, Home Office, and Closet we design, build and install just for you. You can buy a mass-manufactured piece of art for your home from the local décor or “big box” store, or invest in something you helped create with the artist. Which experience is better for your new home or kitchen renovation?

Where do you build your cabinets?

All of our cabinets/cupboards/products are proudly manufactured by our dedicated team in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and it’s been that way since 1980. We currently produce approximately 30-40 kitchens per day.

What are some of your manufacturing principles?

Our Manufacturing team employs a long-term strategic commitment to Lean Enterprise (Continuous Improvement) and Supply Chain excellence.

Who builds your cabinets/cupboards?

We Do! We employ over 200 people in our cabinet manufacturing facilities in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. By collaborating with Superior Cabinets, you not only get a beautiful design for your space and something custom-created for you by skilled cabinet makers, you are also supporting a Canadian Manufacturer. You get a great-looking kitchen made for you and a quality product that will stand the test of time.

What kind of products and services does Superior Cabinets offer?

Idea > Inspire > Collaborate > Design > Build > Install > Enjoy!
Superior Cabinets is a leading kitchen design-build firm, providing products and services for home Renovations and New Home Construction. We design, manufacture and professionally install cabinetry for other rooms, such as Bathrooms, Bars, Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms, Entertainment Units, Fireplaces, Home Offices, Closets and more. Superior also has expert kitchen designers to help you with your project from start to finish.

What kind of products and services DOESNT Superior Cabinets offer?

SORRY, WE DO NOT REFACE EXISTING CABINETS:  Superior Cabinets does not reface kitchens. We feel the best overall value is to Replace and Renovate your kitchen cabinets/cupboards from scratch, as it is a better use of your budget in the long term, and you get to fix the functional issues of the space. Even if you can’t change the footprint of your space, our designers can accomplish phenomenal transformations, both aesthetically and functionally in a way you never dreamed of. Please see “To Reface or Replace” in our blog section for more information.

WE ARE NOT A GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  We are great at Designing and Building Kitchens, and this is our focus. Working with a qualified contractor is always the best approach. We are primarily a design/build firm supplier and leave the general contracting to the professionals. If you are looking for a contractor, our Corporate Stores can offer recommendations from various local experts. Please contact a store near you for more details.


What should be considered when hiring/qualifying a Kitchen Design Firm?

There are 5 key factors that you should consider when hiring a kitchen design-build firm.

It is advantageous to support a business that is close to your home.  Working with a team that manufactures products close to you, can potentially enhance your job completion times.  Key Questions Include: Do they make their own cabinets? Or is the firm a dealer or reseller of another company’s product?  Kitchens and cabinetry are very complex, and that’s why it’s smart to support local.

Always hire a good designer, as a good designer will see your job through to completion.  Work with someone you connect with, who speaks your language and can explain and communicate things clearly. Good designers come in all types, some are formally trained, and others are self-taught and have many years of kitchen design expertise.  Good designers will start by talking about colours and which colours you like and great designers will want to look at the floor plan, measurements and space to see what problems can be solved to provide real solutions.  Surround yourself with passionate people and let them add to that passion into your home.

Remember you are interviewing the company and their people.  Consider what type of customer experience they offer.  Do they offer photo-realistic colour renderings, 360 virtual panoramas? Or do they offer hand-drawn sketches?   The Kitchen Design Technology of today is very sophisticated and can really help manage expectations of a design in advance, before placing your order.  It’s good to ask yourself about what type of customer experience you are looking for to ensure you are aligned with the right people.

What is the firm’s commitment to completion & customer satisfaction?  Does completion just organically happen? Or is the firm connaturally trying to raise the bar with respect to job completion timelines, so much so it’s one of their Corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?  Key Questions Include: What is your average Complete to Customer Times?  What happens if something doesn’t go to plan?

Lastly, there are a lot of “intangible” things that a good firm and their people will do for you.  Good designers will make design liberties/decisions that will positively impact your space that may or may not be discussed with the client.  The best kitchen and bath firms don’t need to discuss these types of details, as they know what will work based on your initial meeting and from years of kitchen design expertise. They will present these solutions to you when you are finalizing your design. This also happens on the build side when fabricating your cabinetry, there should be a lot of love and industry knowledge that goes into each and every one of your cabinets.

Price vs. Value:
Price is one thing, but quality does cost money.  Price is only a discussion in the absence of value.  Don’t let the price fool you, as this can work both ways (high and low).  Example, you don’t have to break the bank for quality and sometimes the least expensive quote may or may not be the best. The point is, don’t just focus on product; consider your important investment as though you were investing 50% into the product and 50% into the people that design, build, install and support your product.

Does Superior Cabinets offer Design Assistance?

Yes. All of our showrooms have full-time kitchen design specialists to help you with your project.   Let one of our kitchen architects help you every step of the way.   Perfect Kitchens are conceived in the imagination, but become reality with proper planning.  Renovating or designing a kitchen for your new home can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have as a homeowner.  It can also be one of the most stressful.  Let the design professionals at Superior Cabinets help guide you through the entire process, from beginning to end, and within your budget. We can help keep your project on time, on budget and ensure that no detail is overlooked.  Our Design Experts will help you create a space that is not only beautiful but functions to suit your lifestyle. Our skilled installation teams are dedicated to ensure your dreams become a reality.

What does a Kitchen Renovation/Reno/Remodel cost?

This is always dependent of the space and scope of work.  Superior Cabinets designs and installs approximately 25 kitchens per day and the major of them fit into two categories.

Typical kitchen renovations can cost:

$$ = Basic Space, Standard Finish Options, standard upper height, Laminate/Formica Countertop with basic edge ($9K-$15K +or- ).

$$$ = Larger space with an island or peninsula, uppers to the ceiling with a two stage crown moulding, basic Granite or Quartz Countertops ($18K-$35K +or- ).

$$$$$ = As BIG as you can imagine.

Remember every space and every client has unique needs.  Our trained designers are skilled in effectively working with your budget and can help you create a space that works.

Also, see our Blog post “What does an average kitchen cost?” For more information on average-priced kitchens.

Why is my Superior Cabinets kitchen/job quote a bit higher than other firms?

No two kitchen designers or design firms will produce the exact same design.  This is because of each individual’s knowledge, capability, product portfolio offering, standard sizes and the ability to translate your vision.  That being said, we often design your space as though it was our own.
We select the solutions and options that create the most efficient and functional space.  Many of these design liberties are optional and can be reduced/removed or even potentially upgraded even further.
If your Superior Cabinets quote is higher than your allowance, there is probably a good reason.  Consult with your designer and they would be glad to walk you through the design/quote and suggestion options that will better fit your budget or get you closer that dream kitchen you’ve been waiting for.

Where can I view any photos of your previous projects/portfolio?

You can find our photo galleries on our website and social media (Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

Do you offer Colour Samples to take home?

Colour samples can be found online and via our printed materials, but it is highly advised that you visit one of our showrooms for a more accurate representation from our door samples.  We can also offer you smaller samples to take home to help visualize for a fee.

Can I book an appointment with a kitchen designer?

Booking an appointment with one of our kitchen designers is the first step in creating your dream space.  You can book an appointment online or by contacting a showroom near you.

What does an appointment with a kitchen designer cost?

We offer 2 levels of service:

1. In the Showroom (FREE): Showroom appointments that are pre-booked are Complimentary.
This is perfect for the client that is comfortable doing a sketch of the current space noting dimensions.  Here information will be collected to provide you with a rough estimate for your project.  A design consultation fee will be charged should you decide to proceed.  This fee will be applied to the final cost of your project.  Don’t worry, our designer will do a final measure of your space prior to ordering should you decide to work with Superior Cabinets.

2. In-home Consultation (location permitting): We can also arrange for an in-home consultation with one of our designers, if this is more suitable. We typically provide this service in our main metro areas (Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, and Edmonton). With your paid Design Consultation Agreement you get:

  • Your space professionally measured by a Superior Cabinets Designer
  • A Complete Design and Estimate of your project
  • Full access to working design files/perspectives/3D renderings through the whole process, before the final order is placed
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Design Consultation fees are applied towards the final cost of your order

This is perfect for the client that would like the takeoff measurements and sketch to be done by a professional designer.  This is also for the client that would like to go beyond an estimate and have a design completed. This will expedite the planning process, as the designer will work with final dimensions.

Please note that there is a charge for an in-home consultations and pricing will vary based on the market area and designer.  Service provided is typically in our main metro areas (Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, and Edmonton). Please contact a showroom near you to speak with a designer to discuss timing and pricing options.


How do I get started?

We recommend all homeowners fully complete our Getting Started Information prior to booking an appointment with our Corporate Showrooms in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary or Edmonton. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating / remodeling or expanding your current kitchen, it can be a major project. Superior Cabinets professionals are here to help you every step of the way.

If you are building a new home, make sure to bring a copy of your house plans when you meet with your Design Professional.  Discussing features of your new home will help your Designer understand your design style and ensure proper flow throughout your home. Once your design is complete, we will work with your builder to determine the timing of your cabinets and schedule the installation.

Before You Begin Your Project:

1) Explore Your Budget Options
Many design options and features are available for your new kitchen at various price points. Our Design Professionals will help determine how you can achieve your dream kitchen within your budget.

2) Complete a Schedule
Timing will depend on the complexity of the design and the magnitude of the project. We can help plan the timing of your project and keep work on schedule. View our Renovation / Remodel Schedule.

3) Determine Functionality and Lifestyle
Decide what problems you have with your current kitchen and what feature you would like to incorporate into your new kitchen. Also consider your lifestyle and interests when thinking about the functionality of your kitchen. Browse our Lifestyles section for ideas you can incorporate into your own space.

4) Determine your Design Style
Visit your local bookstore to find inspiration in books and magazines. Search online design sites for kitchens and features that appeal to you. You can also browse our Product Showcase to view our past projects.

5) Appliances
Decide if you will be purchasing new appliances or re-using existing ones. Visit appliance showrooms and websites to determine what appliances you will be using in your new space. The amount and size of your appliances will play a significant role in the design of your new space. The look of your appliances will contribute to the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

How long will my order take?

Please check with your local store or authorized dealer partner for current lead times.

2-5 Working Days:  For installation of kitchen/cabinetry.  This will vary with size and complexity of your  project.  (Some service work may be required after completion).

2-14 Working Days:  For manufacturing of countertops after cabinets are installed. Some laminates may take longer, depending on availability. Solid Surface, Granite, Quartz, Concrete and other stone countertops will require longer lead times, 10 to 20 working days after cabinets are installed, dependent on supplier.

Can I Install my own Cupboards/Cabinets?

Yes you can, but we do prefer that you use a Superior Cabinets Certified Professional Installer.  If you choose to install your own kitchen it is important that you understand the potential issues:

  • In many cases, walls and floors are not level. A professional installer uses techniques to solve these issues.
  • Cabinets must be plumb and square otherwise drawer and doors will not function properly and hardware adjustments will not solve these issues.
  • Cutting parts such as fillers, toe kicks, crown mouldings, scribe mouldings is a complicated task that if not done properly will have a unappealing visual result.
  • Sometimes choosing to install your cabinetry yourself, may end up costing you more in time and money than you would have spent using a professional.
  • Cabinetry will not be warranted when installed improperly.
  • We recommend using a professional installer.

If after considering these potential issues and you still choose to install your kitchen, you should discuss getting a copy of the layouts and paperwork from your designer to help you with the process. Ensure you have proper tools and time available. Make certain you are able to detect location of studs so that your cabinets are securely fastened. Please see our comprehensive Cabinet Installation Guide Book for more help.

What do I need to prepare before the Installer arrives?

The complete installation will take more than one visit. While our goal is to finish in two visits, completing your project will depend on the complexity of the design and the responsibilities of other trades that may be involved in your project. The first visit will accomplish the majority of the installation while the second visit will take care of final adjustments, fittings and fixes.

Preparing for the Installer:

  • Remove old cabinets prior to the arrival of your new cabinets.
  • If we are doing the removal of the existing cabinets, then all items must be removed from the cabinets and countertops before the installer arrives.
  • If you plan to reuse or sell the old cabinets, we will do our best to salvage the existing cabinets; however, construction methods and previous installation processes may make this impossible. Should you wish to have Superior remove your existing cabinets, please discuss your wishes with your sales designer prior to receiving a quote.
  • If you plan to replace your floor covering, old floor covering should be removed and a new sub-floor installed prior to cabinet installation. Vinyl floor covering or pre-finished hardwood flooring should not be installed until after cabinet and countertop installation.
  • Discuss your flooring selection with your salesperson to ensure proper allowances are considered within the design.
  • Modifications to plumbing must be completed before cabinets are installed. Existing plumbing should be capped 4-6″ from the wall. Remove all traps and shut-off valves. This will ensure cut-outs on cabinets (to allow for plumbing) are kept to a minimum.
  • Canadian building code demands that all electrical junction boxes are accessible. Take this into consideration when planning your renovation. Should a junction box fall behind a cabinet, by law we are required to expose this box.
  • Wall repair and ceiling repair should be completed before cabinet installation; however, the finish coat of paint should be applied after cabinets and countertops are installed, to avoid damage.
  • The installer will exercise the utmost care when doing his job, but you should expect to perform minor touch-ups.
  • All furniture, appliances and accessories should be removed from the room prior to the arrival of the cabinets and installer.
  • Cabinets are typically delivered the day before the scheduled installation. An area adjacent to the installation site must be made available for storage. Also, consider access to and from this site and ensure that pathways are clear and doors removed, if needed.
  • The installer will need to set up a workspace in a room near the installation site. A heated area should also be made available for setup.


How do I protect my investment and take care of my beautiful cabinets after my install?

Caring for your cabinetry is easy and you can find some great tips on how to maintain them here.  You can also find great adjustment tips here. 

How long is the Superior Cabinets Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Superior Cabinets offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all materials and workmanship.  Learn more about the Superior Cabinets Warranty here

How do I contact you if I find any problems with my service or product?

Please contact your authorized Superior Cabinets representative.  Please visit our Warranty and Service Contact page.

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