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Message From the Executive Chairman

Superior Cabinets has a long held and well-earned reputation for its fine quality products, outstanding service and dedicated employees. Established in 1980 by visionary Charles Larre, the organization has, since its inception placed a high value on not only crafting beautiful products, but creating dreams. Our company has grown from just a few employees to nearly 300 dedicated people with five corporate stores throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, a strong network of dealers and our manufacturing facility in Saskatoon.

Over the last several years our company has transformed itself and is vigilant in continuing our transformation. Our belief is that the kitchen is a special place – a part of your lifestyle that is more than just cabinets. It’s where you live, socialize, interact, relax and, yes cook. “Kitchens designed for life” is about designing and building your dream kitchen, a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. That is why every Kitchen we design and build is unique, everything is custom made for each of our customers.

Our company is united in our vision of delivering a “Superior Customer Experience” that is driven by a relentless passion to innovate focused on our customers as seen through the eyes of our professional design teams, our beautiful showrooms (physical and virtual), our broad portfolio, our professional installation teams, the “customer first” philosophy of our manufacturing team and our exceptional customer service. Our vision is to simply “be the best.”

We want to create quality customer experiences and provide premium and innovative products tailored to the needs of you, our customer. We want to be the employer of choice, we believe our success for over 40 years is because of our outstanding people that inspire us every day, and the next 40 years will be no different. Let us create your dream kitchen to fit your lifestyle, so you can live life—your way.

– Mark Buller, Executive Chairman

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Mark Buller

Executive Chairman

Mark has been involved in the kitchen cabinet industry since he was a kid, working alongside his father and brothers. The family has a long history and transformative track record in the kitchen cabinet industry.

In 2003, Mark and his family acquired Norcraft Cabinets, and ten years later took that company public. After having built Norcraft into a $376 million dollar company, it was sold to Fortune Brands Home & Security (owners of MasterBrand Cabinets) in 2015.

The Buller Family has a long legacy in the kitchen cabinet industry, as Mark’s father, Herb Buller, and several partners founded Kitchen Craft in 1971. With the Bullers’ purchase of Superior Cabinets in 2018, Mark and his family are poised to begin the next chapter in their legacy. Their plan is to grow the company by expanding into new markets in Canada and the United States, sharing Superior’s renowned manufacturing facilities and award-winning products with new customers.

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Jack Laninga

Executive Vice President

Jack Laninga serves as the Executive Vice President for Superior Cabinets. He has spent his entire career in the Kitchen and Bath Industry and has worked predominantly in Customer Development and Sales Leadership during the bulk of his career, both in Canada and the United States.

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James Neufeld

Vice President - Saskatoon & Winnipeg

James Neufeld is the Vice President of Saskatoon & Winnipeg for Superior Cabinets. Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, James has built strong business and community relationships in the industry. James earned his degree from the University of Saskatchewan and promptly immersed himself into the cabinet industry. He has been with Superior for 20 years, and has served as Board member and President of the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association.

James believes “We all own the customer experience, and at Superior, our customers choose us again and again because of the strength of our people - we happen to have a great product too!”

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Glenn Harke

Vice President - Edmonton

Glenn Harke is the Vice President of Edmonton for Superior Cabinets. Having spent the last 40 years in the kitchen cabinet industry, Glenn started in Operations and Field Services, eventually moving forward to Sales Management, General Management and eventually serving as a Vice President.

Glenn has served on numerous boards, including 4 years as a Mayor. He has also been an active member of the Canadian Home Builders' Association – Edmonton Region for the past 20 years, both as a volunteer and as a member of their Board of Directors.

In his private life he loves to play golf and squash with his two sons, which he feels he is not particularly good at, but really enjoys the activity and time spent with them.

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Andy Thorn

General Manager - Calgary & Regina

Andy Thorn serves as the General Manager for Calgary and Regina. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Andy’s hands-on approach has aided him in the growth and expansion of the markets he serves. He has over 2 decades of experience in the kitchen cabinet business in United Kingdom and Canada. Andy prides himself on building long-term client relations and ensuring the job gets done.

In his spare time, you’ll find Andy travelling with his wife, puttering in his yard or tending to his fish in his outdoor pond.

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Jim Lymer

Vice President of Operations

Jim Lymer serves as the VP of Operations for Superior Cabinets. After studying Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University, Jim has focussed his career on continual improvement and making things better, from the manufacturing side. He has served in various industries including Outdoor Power Products, Major Appliances, Windows, and Cabinetry, spanning across Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Jim is passionate about efficiency, quality, and results. He does this by leveraging his demonstrated leadership abilities and supply chain experience by focusing on building amazing teams who are empowered to achieve transformational results.

When Jim isn’t planning a Quick Kaizen or optimizing a manufacturing process you will find him hitting the links or cooking Sunday dinner for his family.

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Brent Boechler

Director of Manufacturing

Brent Boechler joined the Superior Cabinets team in 2012, as the Plant Manager, and hasn’t looked back. After nearly three decades of building amazing teams, manufacturing culture, and quality products, Brent leverages his continuous improvement philosophy and customer first approach to deliver his best each day.

Brent is not one to shy away from a challenge, rather is fuelled by solving complex problems on the manufacturing floor. In 2015, he was instrumental in leading Superior Cabinets towards its LEAN Certification.

When Brent isn’t in the Gemba, you may find him enjoying quality time with his family and watching sports.

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Pam Graves

Director Customer Service & Product Catalogue

Pam Graves joined Superior Cabinets in 1999, starting in the marketing department. Pam built Superiors’ first website using FrontPage and never looked back. Pam held the role of Marketing Manager where she oversaw marketing, catalogue, and portfolio development. She has progressed into a dynamic role where she is responsible for the Canadian and USA Dealer Sales Customer Service Department, as well as oversees the Product Catalogue which includes Portfolio and Product Development, leveraging her natural ability for spotting kitchen design trends. Pam has been educated in the field of marketing and holds a certificate in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute in Vancouver, BC.

In her downtime, Pam loves spending time in her yard, doing renovations, golfing, and spending time with her family.

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Nadine Genest

Human Resources Manager

Nadine Genest is the HR Manager for Superior Cabinets. Years ago, Nadine fell in love with the manufacturing industry and spent 13 years working in multiple roles enjoying learning the ins and outs of both business and the dynamics of manufacturing. In 2018, Nadine went back to school and began her career in Human Resources where her passion for helping both individuals and organizations grew. Since joining the Superior team in 2021, Nadine has gone all-in to form relationships with the team and position the HR department for success in the company’s exciting journey ahead.

Outside of work, Nadine loves spending time with her son and friends, and enjoys the outdoors and cooking.

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Scott Wallman

Director of Information Technology

Scott Wallman serves as the Director of Information Technology for Superior Cabinets. He began his journey with Superior Cabinets in 2007 as a Systems Analyst, then progressively working towards expanding his scope by leveraging his organizational, focused, and systematic skillset. Scott earned his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Software Engineering with Honours in Computer Science, which is why is very comfortable seeing the world through the 1's and 0's.

In his personal life, Scott is an avid traveller and sports enthusiast. You will find him on the golf course or on the ball diamond.

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Aaron Bird

Director of Finance

Aaron Bird is the Director of Finance for Superior Cabinets. With a career marked by progressively increasing responsibilities, Aaron constantly seeks to improve and challenge the status quo. The lean ideology of constant incremental improvement is something that he aims to incorporate on a personal level as well. Having first earned his accounting designation in 2011, Aaron sought to further his business training and completed his MBA in 2018.

If you ever have an idea for how to improve a process or would like to teach Aaron a few words in a new language, he is all ears!

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Shahan Fancy

Director of Marketing

On paper, you might think Shahan’s world is all about hashtags, keywords, metadata and analytics, but in reality, it is more about creating an amazing “Superior” customer experience, both online and offline.

Shahan is no stranger to the kitchen business, making his start in 2006 as a Kitchen and Bath Designer in Saskatoon and slowly moving throughout the company, eventually serving in a corporate role. Now based in Calgary, Shahan and his team are responsible for the Marketing and Communications, which includes Web, Digital Presence, Social Media, Brand, Content Creation, Communications and Advertising. Shahan is the lead author of the Superior Cabinets Design Corner Blog.

When Shahan isn’t scrolling TikTok or Instagram, you can find him exploring Calgary and the mountains with his wife or travelling the world. Fun fact, Shahan has been to 41 countries with many more to see on his list.

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Company Values

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Continuous Improvement

Proud of yesterday, driven today, excited for tomorrow.


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We are motivated and accountable to go above and beyond expectations.

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We respect and value diversity of ideas, backgrounds and opinions.

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Grow Together

By celebrating our success and learning from our experiences we win as individuals and as a team.

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We treat each other as family and welcome the opportunity to give back to our communities.

Community Involvement

Superior Cabinets has always had a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, and for a number of years, we have supported Habitat for Humanity with beautiful kitchens and bathrooms for deserving families. Habitat for Humanity is our corporate cause and has been for many years. We believe in the vision of this organization and share in their values and have committed our support to them and this is why we have dedicated our Community Investment budget to this commendable organization. The gift of security and shelter for all families is one that is so important in one’s life and that’s why Habitat is such a great fit for Superior.

Over the years, we have supported Habitat for Humanity with cabinetry product for new homes, the donation of excess product to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and empower our staff to participate in various Habitat builds in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton.

In addition to Superior Cabinets corporate cause, our teams have also supported the Crisis Nursery, Movember, Homes by Dream – Shoebox Project, Cameco’s “Touchdown for Dreams” project, C95’s Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, Hockey Helps the Homeless – Edmonton, CIBC Run for the Cure and other various non-profit organizations in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton.


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