Corner Cabinet Solutions

Corner cabinets are often a major point of contention for many kitchens these days. This is because they are hard to get at and the items inside aren’t easily accessible. Let’s explore the anatomy of the corner cabinet and some popular corner cabinet solutions.

Corner Cabinet Solutions


First, let’s discuss the two most popular corner cabinets used in most kitchen designs.


This corner cabinet has a 90-degree opening and bi-fold doors. One side of the doors are attached with cabinet hinges to the case and the doors are attached together with knuckle hinges. This is often the most commonly used corner cabinet in kitchen design.   

Base corner corner


This corner cabinet is the type with one or two doors, and a deeper space behind the cabinet in the “blind” or less accessible space. Although not as popular as the base corner corner, the base blind corner has been gaining popularity over the past few years.

base blind corner cabinet



Love it or hate it, the Lazy Susan has been around for many years, and there is an excellent reason why. The Lazy Susan is a very affordable and practical accessory to add to almost any corner cabinet. If a Lazy Susan isn’t your thing, read our article on 5 Lazy Susan Alternatives.


One simple and effective solution is to ask your kitchen designer to add a few extra shelves to your corner cabinet in the planning stages of your kitchen design. A few extra shelves will really increase the utility of a corner cabinet, especially if you don’t want to have an accessory inside. Adding extra shelves is a very affordable option as well.


Whether you have a Lazy Susan, another accessory, or just an empty base corner cabinet, consider adding a few wire tray dividers. This nifty accessory can be added with a few screws to any corner cabinet, making it the perfect place to store taller items like cutting boards, cookie sheets or other tall and skinny items. Click here to see a video of these Tray Dividers in action. 


For those that want nothing but the best, the corner drawer system is the only way to go. While they are the most expensive way to go and take up a large footprint, they really provide amazing ergonomic storage. If you want the Cadillac of corner cabinet solutions, your kitchen designer can help you successfully plan one of these into your new kitchen design.
corner drawers


Did you know that the Lazy Susan has a “super” version? You may have seen these before, but didn’t know what it was called. A Superior Susan is when you have a fixed shelf, often in the middle of the base corner cabinet, with a single independent turning Lazy Susan on the shelf and the floor of the cabinet. This clever design eliminates the shaft/pole that normally runs in the middle. Click here to see the Super Lazy Susan in action.

super susan


Because base blind corner cabinets are so awkward and often require the user to kneel down to gain access, adding a blind corner pullout is an excellent idea. The two most popular pullouts for blind corner cabinets are the Twin Corner Storage Unit and the Base Magic Corner Storage Unit. Both do a great job of allowing for easy access to the blind area of the cabinet.

base blind corner pull out

They call it magic, because it is. The Magic Corner Storage Unit is probably the most popular corner cabinet accessory to add to a new kitchen. If you hate your Lazy Susan, this is one you will want to consider. Ensure you consult with your Professional Kitchen Designer to chat about clearances, as careful planning is required to ensure your Magic Corner Storage Unit for your base blind corner cabinet doesn’t collide with any appliances.


Homeowners of today demand a kitchen that is not only beautiful, but also extremely functional. Adding the right accessories to your newly renovated or remodeled kitchen can make all of the difference. Remember, good corner cabinet solutions make your life easier.


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