2024 Kitchen Trends


As we reflect on the 2023 Kitchen and Bath Trend predictions, some were on the mark, and some were off. What is clear is that 2024 is all about warmth, texture, and a bit of carryover from 2023. Here are our top predictions for 2024 Kitchen Trends.

2024 kitchen trends by Superior Cabinets for Canada and the USA.

Green Cabinets

It would be a surprise if green cabinets haven’t yet graced your social media feeds. Many find green to be calming and the perfect colour choice for 2024. The Kitchen Design Experts at Superior Cabinets feel this will last far beyond 2024, as it is a great way to add colour without being regretfully bold.

This trend covers everything from sage green to dark and complex green hues. Here are some of the top predicted Greens for 2024. Here are some Sherwin-Williams colours to keep an eye on. You can also choose your perfect colour with the Superior Cabinets Custom Paint Program.

4 swatches of green paint colours by Sherwin-Williams. From Left to Right - Rookwood Dark Green [SW 2816], Ripe Olive [SW 6209], Pewter Green [SW 6208], and Thunderous [SW 6201].

Warmer Whites

The white kitchen remains popular. However, things are shifting from crisp and clean whites to warmer and creamy whites. This includes beige, cream, and even taupe colours. These earthier, warmer white tones are loved for their simplicity and cozy feel. Don’t worry, Boring Beige won’t be back any time soon… we think.  

Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinet sales continue to climb, and the Kitchen Design Experts at Superior Cabinets see more and more homeowners, interior designers, and home builders selecting wood materials for portions of their cabinetry. While it is rare to see an entire kitchen wood, wood has made a strong comeback. This includes real wood and wood alternatives, such as Laminate TFL materials. The Superior Cabinets Trend Experts are seeing the acceptance of both light and dark wood stains, but lighter wood stains remain the most popular for the time being.

2024 is also predicted to see a slight increase in the selection of rustic knotty woods, as homeowners want to continue bringing natural elements indoors, a noticeable trend from 2021.

Super-Matte Materials

The demand for sleek and matte paints, finishes, and materials is growing, especially in the upper-end and luxury cabinetry segments. The decline in acceptance of high-gloss cabinets during the pandemic spawned the popularity of super-matte finishes. If you are a fan of high-gloss cabinets, don’t worry, as they may be coming back, so it’s not on the trends to avoid list just yet, and the experts have a close eye on this one.  

Super-Matte Finishes are predicted to be trending in 2024.
Super-Matte Finishes are predicted to be trending in 2024

Super-matte cabinets not only have visual appeal, but they are also lovely to touch. They offer a sensory experience boasting a silky, smooth, and luxurious feel on the hand. This additional feature takes the typical cabinet experience to the next level. Not just good looking, many of the super-matte cabinets in the market offer scratch and fingerprint resistance, perfect for busy homes.

Black and Gold

Dark and bold colours continue to increase in popularity, and matte black painted cabinets paired with gold hardware or accents seem to be the clear winner for those looking to add some drama to their space.   

Rectangular cabinet door handles Art deco-styled in a honey bronze mounted on a matte black painted cabinet.

Modern Spanish Style

The popularity of the Modern Spanish style influence continues growing in the home and is now influencing kitchens and bathrooms. The most notable elements of this style are chunky arched entryways and exposed wood beams, heavily influenced by the Moorish Architecture style. You can also see influences of this style, especially with curved or arched details, entering the furniture industry with arched China Cabinets, Display Cabinets, and Curios.

Modern Spanish-style kitchens could be the signature look in 2024 in Canada.
Modern Spanish-style kitchen by Superior Cabinets

In kitchens and bathrooms, the Modern Spanish style typically features mixed elements of warm whites and brown wood grains, which set this trendsetting look apart from other styles. Our experts will closely monitor this 2024 kitchen and bath trend as it continues to be a signature look in Canada and the USA.

Japandi Style

Some predict minimalism and industrial minimalism will be out in 2024, but the Japandi style is in for 2024. Japandi became a household name in early 2022, which was a smooth transition from farmhouse for those who were tired of it. Because wood is gaining popularity in kitchens, particularly warmer stains, this look is perfect for 2024. Japandi often has warm-stained wood on the bottom lowers, mixed with white or grey paint for the upper cabinets. It’s uncluttered and has a neutral pallet with organic materials (Wood, Stone, Cotton, Paper, etc.).

Decluttered Look – Hidden Small Appliances

Once reserved for luxury kitchens, the idea of hiding small appliances for a decluttered solidified its position in the mainstream in late 2022 and into 2023. Homeowners want to hide their small appliances in an appliance garage, a tall pantry, or a pantry-style cabinet sitting on top of the countertop, also known in the industry as a Wall Counter Cabinet.

Coffee Bars or Coffee Zones in kitchens are predicted to grow in popularity as people move away from the freestanding and styled coffee cart. Pinterest saw a huge spike for the search term “Coffee Bar Styling” in 2023, up +1,125%, according to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report, coining the term “Cafécore.”

a side b side comparison of a cabinet appliance garage, both open and closed.
A convenient wall counter appliance garage to hide small appliances by Superior Cabinets

It is predicted that Larder Cabinets with Pocket Doors, Swing Doors, or Bifold Doors will be the top choice for hiding small appliances in 2024.

Hidden Rooms

The Superior Cabinets trend-spotters predicted hidden rooms and hidden zones to trend in 2023, and were they ever right. 2024 will be no different as these hidden rooms, sometimes referred to as a Scullery, are becoming more popular daily. Hidden rooms are perfect for production cooking, prep work, excess storage, or just because. They aren’t going away any time soon, so expect to see these areas more frequently, especially in new home design.

Hidden or Secret Rooms are predicted to continue to trend in 2024.
Hidden or Secret Rooms are predicted to continue to trend in 2024

Built-in Recycling Stations

We know cabinet accessories and pullouts make life easier, right? Multi-zone Built-in Recycling Stations will be trending in 2024. Homeowners want the ultimate convenience in their kitchens, so dedicating an entire cabinet to this functional pullout is a no-brainer for some.

The Euro-Cargo Bins come in various configurations, however, the 4 bin variation still remains the most popular. Here you can accommodate garbage, organic waste, and recycling. The convenient lids for the organic compartments prevent the spreading of odours.


Here is a recap of the 2024 Kitchen Trends by Superior Cabinets for Canada and the USA.

  • Green Cabinets
  • Warmer White Cabinets
  • Wood Cabinets
  • Super-Matte Materials
  • Black and Gold
  • Modern-Spanish Style
  • Japandi Style
  • Decluttered Look – Hidden Small Appliances
  • Hidden Rooms Behind Pantry Doors
  • Built-in Recycling Stations

What is clear is that the 2024 Kitchen Trend predictions are all about warmth, texture, and mixed materials. The 2024 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show [KBIS] will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 27-29, 2024, and the experts are excited to see what kitchen and bath trends come from this important trade show.

If you liked this article, check out our update piece in Wood Industry Magazine. Here our you will find kitchen trends to avoid, and kitchen trends that were missed.

If you want to chat about kitchen cabinet trends for your home, please contact a Superior Cabinets Kitchen Designer in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, or Winnipeg. If you are outside of those regions, reach out to a Superior Cabinets Authorized Dealer Partner in Canada or the USA.


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