Mixer Lifts and Beergarita’s


Beergarita recipe from Superior Cabinets.

Our heavy duty Mixer Lift by Rev-A-Shelf makes whipping up a batch of cupcakes for your next summer get together a breeze. The Mixer Lift stores any countertop mixer securely in a (minimum) 15” wide, full height base cabinet. With the pull of two levers the mechanism lifts the mixer to counter height and locks it securely in place. This will free up ample counter space for all of your baking ingredients. Once you are finished with the mixer, pull the two levers again and your mixer is stowed away for its next adventure.

Not into baking? The Mixer Lift can be used to hold several different types of countertop appliances such as the Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker featured on amazon.com.

Use the Margaritaville Concoction Maker to mix up one of my favorite summer time beverages… a Beergarita.

To make Beergarita’s, mix:

5 beer (like Bud Light Lime or Corona)
1 can of frozen limeade
Fill ½ of the limeade can with Tequila
Mix all ingredients with ice slush or serve on the rocks


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