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Thinking of a Renovation? | Superior Cabinets Blog

You have decided to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life!  Your dream kitchen renovation! Being an expert in kitchens and home building, I shall give you a few pointers to guide you along in the basic design and renovation process.

First of all, do not get over-whelmed with the final finishes and features, I know it can be an adrenaline rush to go onto Houzz and start compiling those idea books, but take this process one step at a time.  Remember that you need walls to install those cabinets onto, plugs to move, and lighting locations to choose.  I would strongly recommend keeping a control binder; it’s a handy thing to have, and keep it, even after your kitchen renovation is complete, you may need the information in 5 years when your son decides to play baseball in the house and shatters your decorative glass cabinet door.

Control Binder Check List:

  • Floor plan and/or blueprints
  • Contractor contract
  • Permits (because you WILL need these)
  • Cabinet layout and perspectives (once you have them)
  • Appliance specs
  • Any existing countertop appliance you plan to keep (kitchen aid mixer), pictures and overall dimensions
  • Flooring samples
  • Tile selections
  • Paint colours
  • Counter top  samples
  • ALL Warranty information
  • Kitchen Cabinet Finish samples
  • Handle Selections

Thinking of a Renovation? | Superior Cabinets Blog

Consider keeping a few spare tiles for floor or walls, die lots change with each batch that is made, and should you need to replace one, or maybe you just run out, your guaranteed the colour will match.  It’s always better to have too much then not enough.

Consult a contractor, there is a lot involved in any renovation, especially a kitchen. If you are moving walls, adding electrical, changing the location of your dishwasher/sink, a contractor will be able to assemble the appropriate trade’s people to complete these jobs and most importantly, complete them to code.  Make sure that whichever contractor you decide to go with, that you have a contract with him/her, and always ask and then check their references.  It also never hurts to Google the person/company either.  Always make sure your contractor applies for and receives permits for any renovation, and keep a copy of these in your control binder.  If the time ever comes to sell your home, your thorough records could be extremely advantageous.

Lastly, when considering your budget, Scott McGillivray from income property said once to take your costs and double it.  This is some of the most realistic advice I have ever heard, because you never know what will be behind your walls/kitchen cabinets or under your floors when you renovate.  It is always better to have money left over in the end, than to blow your budget.

And remember if you’re looking to discuss your upcoming Calgary Kitchen Renovation, don’t hesitate to visit one of our beautiful Superior Cabinets showrooms and review what’s new and exciting.

– Michelle


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