The Five Zones of a Functional Kitchen

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The kitchen used to be designed around the work triangle (sink/stove/fridge). Today, our needs are much more sophisticated. What do you want to store in your new kitchen? Where will these items be most accessible to the location where they will be used? Five important zones to consider for a functional kitchen are:

1) Consumables Zone
— In simple terms, most grocery items are stored in this zone. This zone will house your refrigerator for perishable food items and cabinetry for non-perishable food items. Have you come home from the grocery store with a number of items only to realize that you have sufficient stock? Roll-out shelves are a great way to organize items so you know exactly what you have in stock.

2) Non-Consumables Zone — An area for storage containers, dinnerware, glasses, etc. These items can be stored in wall or base cabinets. Consider using plate holders to store dinnerware inside of drawers.

3) Cleaning Zone — An area for waste, recycling items and cleaning products. Adding pull-out garbage cans or recycle bins are practical solutions for cleaning up after meals or parties.

4) Preparation Zone — An area for food preparation. You will want to keep cutting knives and utensils in a drawer near your preparation zone. We have a selection of knife blocks and utensil trays to keep these items organized and easily accessible. Store your mixing bowls in drawers or roll-out shelves so you don’t have to reach to the back cabinets.

5) Cooking Zone — An area for cooking. Pots and pans, casserole dishes and cooking utensils should all be stored close to the cooking zone. Store these items in drawers with dividers (available with Tandem Box only) to make your cooking tools easy to find and accessible.

Store frequently used items in cabinets that are within easy reach. Store less frequently used items on the top shelves of upper cabinets and on lower shelves or drawers of base cabinets.

The Importance of Planning a Functional Kitchen

  • The more thought and planning you invest in your kitchen’s design, the more advantages you will experience once your kitchen is complete.
  • Your whole family will experience the benefits of a well-designed kitchen.
  • Full-extension Glides on all Superior Cabinets drawer systems give you convenient and easy access to your drawer contents.
  • Designing with drawers and pull-out shelving is ergonomically pleasing and gives you maximum functionality.
  • Better ergonomics means less bending, stretching and straining. Try adding drawers and pull out shelving to give you maximum functionality.
  • Cabinet and drawer accessories help create a well-organized work zone.
  • A well-organized kitchen creates a sense of fulfillment.
  • A perfect kitchen is conceived in the imagination but achieved with proper planning.

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