ED Feehan High School Students Building Homes

John Povhe of Superior Cabinets attends a home dedication at ED Feehan High School in Saskatoon.

Do you remember your time in high school?  When I was there back in the 80’s we took the typical math, science, social studies, English and history.  We had an introductory class on industrial arts where we built bookends and a few other hobby type projects.  Fast forward to 2015 at my alma mater ED Feehan High School here in Saskatoon and you will see a different learning experience being provided in the Construction Technologies Course.  In this class students build two homes from the ground up.  They get hands on experience in all aspects of home construction all the way from the floor joists to the roof trusses and everything in between.  They do the wiring, plumbing, flooring, paint and of course they also do the kitchen installation.

A couple of years ago Superior Cabinets heard about this program and approached the instructor Scott Hahn about a potential relationship to expose the students to more than just cabinet installation.  What followed was a partnership that provides students a front to back experience.

Design – hands on design training with talented Superior Cabinets designers Louann Bell and Cristin Emmerson where the students were able to add some customization and also choose cabinet doors and finishes.  Please see the related article: Designing a Kitchen.

Manufacturing – during a week spent at Superior Cabinets the students were exposed to all aspects of the build process from cutting and assembly to finishing and shipping.  They also had the chance to follow their kitchen through as it was manufactured much like BMW customers can do with their car at their factory in Germany.  Please see the related article: Building a Kitchen.

Installation – Superior Cabinets installer James Silbernagel shared his expertise with the students to ensure a first class installation.  Please see the related article: Installing a Kitchen.

This fall we were honored to share our story of involvement at a celebration of the Course.  I was joined by Catholic School Superintendent Diane Boyko and Dakota White Cap Chief Darcy Bear as we shared our stories of the benefits of this fine program with the current class and local media representatives.

Celebration of the ED Feehan High School Construction Technologies Course in Saskatoon, SK.   2015-blog-EDFeehan-OCT-03

Superior Cabinets and the Program are looking forward to working together on more kitchen projects in the future with the added benefit of working with a customer as the homes are now presold.  We are providing an exceptional experience for the students we work with.  That should come as no surprise since we do it for our customers every day!

John Povhe
Chief Financial Officer
Superior Cabinets

ED Feehan High School logo crest.

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Saskatoon students build experience by constructing homes by CBC Saskatoon


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