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On May 28th, 2014 I had the pleasure of presenting to the students at the Academy of Learning College in Saskatoon.  In attendance were students enrolled in the Interior Decorating, Travel Counsellor, Medical Administrative Assistant, Administrative Assistant programs.

Here we discussed:

– What does a Professional Sales Person look like?
– Characteristics of a Sales Professional
– 4 Steps of a Sales Process
– Building your Personal Brand (one of my favorites)
– How to Sell and Leverage your Personal Brand with respect to job seeking and creating vibrant career opportunities

As you can see, there was a heavy emphasis on the dreaded “S word” and “B word” … and that’s Sales and Branding.  All too often, good designers do not like associating with the unsexy Sales word because of bad experiences and negative connotation society puts on sales people… not to mention negative experiences we have all had with poor sales people that ruin it for the good ones.  Breaking down these walls is important and that’s why it’s necessary to talk about it.

“Having Shahan speak with the students at the Academy of Learning College was a great benefit to everyone in attendance. His knowledge and advice about sales processes, behaviors and personal branding were amazing!” – Kristopher Kershaw, C.I.D. ISRP, Advertising Coordinator, Instructor Academy of Learning College Saskatoon

The students at AOL had some excellent questions with regards to sales, branding and Social Media, which made the talk very enjoyable and beneficial to both parties.

On behalf of Superior Cabinets, I would like to thank all of the students and faculty of Academy of Learning College that attended my presentation on “Selling, Building your Brand and How to Sell it!”.

ABOUT SHAHAN FANCY:  Shahan Fancy is the Corporate Sales Development Manager for Superior Cabinets.  Shahan serves two key functions, Customer Marketing and Sales Training and Development.  Click here to learn more about Shahan.


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