New Accessories and Hardware for 2017


Simply put, cabinet accessories make your life easier.  A beautiful kitchen is only beautiful if it functions properly, which is why proper accessories are so important.  At Superior Cabinets we are hyper focused on the user’s experience when designing a space and the best cabinet accessories play an important role in loving or hating your kitchen. Here are our new accessories and hardware for 2017:


Cutlery trays are the most common storage item in a kitchen and believe it or not, they can be a bit of a challenge to find ones that fit properly.  This is because of the many different drawer interior sizes and shapes and is why plastic trimmable cutlery and utensil trays are gaining popularity.

They come in a multitude of sizes and can be trimmed on site to fit your specific drawer.  Our new trimmable plastic trays can fit into our Metal Drawers, as well as our Dovetail Drawer boxes, for the utmost in versatility.

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They say that handles are the jewelry of the cabinet and we think your cabinets deserve the best.  In addition to appearance, handles play an essential role in protecting your cabinetry from scratches and stains.  Cabinet handles and knobs are the epitome of style and function.

Gold or Gilded Bronze handle hardware made its reappearance into the market in late 2015 and quickly became all the rage.  Since then, it has been on a steady incline in popularity.  It really exploded with the introduction of blue coloured cabinetry such as Fusion Bridgewater and Fusion Denim in 2015/2016.  This is because they pair so well together and are a great way to showcase your personal style.

We have recently introduced two new handles and two new knobs in the Gilded Bronze/Gold finish to the Superior Cabinets collection.

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More and more new homes now have dedicated mudrooms, which are perfect for busy families that don’t want to pack everything into a closet.   Most mudrooms incorporate some sort of hook for hanging coats and other clothing.  Because of this demand, we have seen an increased demand for more beautiful hooks that match the mudroom cabinetry hardware.  We have added the following hooks to our collection.


No matter where the trends are going or where they are, we’ll work hard to bring you our best!  Stay tuned for more new offerings in near future.


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