Kitchen Trends for 2021

Kitchen Trends of 2021

It’s that time of year again. Our team has kept a sharp eye throughout the year taking notes to anticipate the newest and top kitchen and bath trends for 2021. 2020 was a unique year due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many of our trends have been inspired by this, which is not surprising. Here are our 2021 Kitchen Trend predictions.


We’ve been noticing the increased popularity of dark and rich colours, especially in the kitchen. Earlier in the year, Sherwin-Williams, our coatings partner, announced their colour of the year as being Urbane Bronze.

Image Credit – Sherwin-Williams

We introduced this colour into our MDF portfolio a few years back calling it Fusion Briquette and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that this could be a popular colour in 2021.

A kitchen island in Superior Cabinets Fusion Briquette on MDF, a perfect colour match to Sherwin-Williams Urbane Bronze SE 7048.

Another notable colour that could be popular in 2021, is teal. Benjamin Moore recently announced their colour of the year as Aegean Teal and we are hopeful to see more spaces incorporating this gorgeous colour in any way possible.

In the European market, we have noticed the popularity of light muted pink tones on cabinets and custom millwork pieces. This is not your dusty rose of the early 1990s, but something more romantic.

For example, Resounding Rose by Sherwin-Williams would be a colour to watch in 2021. Resounding Rose, or similar pink/coral tones, makes for an edgy wall colour that would be well paired with White Cabinets. For pairing ideas, check out Fusion Icicle or Fusion Prosecco (Matte), both on MDF, for a brighter feel. If you would rather have a more moody or darker feeling cupboard, be sure to see Fusion Flint (matte) on MDF.


We’re seeing a lot more homes incorporate coastal vibes or a coastal design style. This would be more towards the minimalistic West Coast vibe, rather than a beachy cape cod look. This is typically a mixture of a Natural Maple, Wood, or Wood Alternative with a soft seafoam and/or white. We’ve got our eyes on this style to see how it holds and even gains in popularity. The Superior Cabinets kitchen designers feel that the blue grey vibes of Fusion Pacific on MDF paired with a natural stained wood could possibly be the perfect coastal vibe colour for 2021.


The traditional shaker door has dominated the market for many years, however introduction of the slim shaker cabinet door is making waves in the kitchen and bath industry. This elegant new door is a perfect transitional style if you fancy a mid-century modern look with a sophisticated touch.

This door is also known as a Skinny Shaker, Micro Shaker, Narrow Shaker, or a Thin Shaker. We know the slim shaker door is not everyone’s style preference, but perfect for those who are willing to try something a little bit different. This is one trend not to be avoided.


As many industries are inspired by others, we noticed the introduction of matte finish painted vehicles, which started to become popular in mid-2016. Fast forward a few years later and we have noticed a huge increase in clients wanting matte painted finishes on their kitchen cabinets in Canada and the USA, typically on MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). What it boils down to is clients are preferring a matte or mattified look rather than a high sheen on their cupboards.


Wire Tray Dividers may be the simplest and most cost-effective way to improve your kitchen space. They have been around for many years in kitchen design, and we have noticed a huge uptake in popularity in 2020. That being said, we anticipate that many kitchens in 2021 will incorporate tray dividers as home kitchen usage has increased.  

We believe this trend was also inspired by COVID-19, as so many took up baking in their homes during the first wave of the pandemic. Remember the Sourdough phase of the pandemic? Many got into baking and sourdough bread making, and tray dividers are a must-have for any avid at-home cook or baker.


Copper sinks have always been around for niche spaces, but we have noticed lots of website activity and questions around the advantages of copper sinks in the home. Clinical studies have proven that copper is far better than other materials at preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Copper finishes are often more expensive, this could be a small price to pay for those that see the upside now that germs in the home are at the forefront of our minds.    


In 2020, we noticed a huge uptake in homeowners wanting to add decorative hood fans above their ranges, rather than stainless steel canopy hood fans or the Over The Range Microwave (OTR). Now, homeowners want to make a statement in this highly visible focal point area. A connected or standalone decorative cabinet hood fan is a perfect showpiece for any person wanting to make a dramatic statement in their kitchen.

2021 Kitchen cabinet design trends blog by Superior Cabinets Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg for Canada and USA.


Not so much a “kitchen trend” per se, but we would be remiss if we did not mention the huge popularity of adding Home Office spaces in one’s home. As many workers were given permission or required to work from home, many have been thinking differently about the importance of having a dedicated and productive workspace in the home.

We predict that more people will work transitionally both between home and the office, as this will be hard to avoid. Having an organized and productive workspace area can maximize productivity while working at home, not to mention create a beautiful and inspiring space.


If you are spending any time on Instagram or Pinterest, you will see that Minimalism is starting to make a strong comeback in kitchens and homes. We feel this is because people are spending more time at home and they want to have beautiful, intentional, and organized spaces.

A photo of a minimalistic kitchen superior cabinets from project LAMIA, as part of the Superior Cabinets 2021 kitchen cabinet trends predictions.

The minimalist look, for some, gives them a calming and less anxiety inducing feeling about their space. Perhaps the real trend here is a decluttered look, but we can’t help but feel the Minimalism style will continue to enter back into our homes.


If you’re looking to remodel or renovate your kitchen or home in 2021, knowing the newest kitchen cabinet trends can help you make those important decisions that will shape your space. Considering these kitchen design trends for your cupboards will ensure that you are at the forefront of style.

If you would like to discuss some of these 2021 kitchen cabinet trends for your home, feel free to book your free showroom tour appointment in one of our corporate showrooms located in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, and Calgary. We also have mobile Independent Kitchen and Bath Designers in Winnipeg. If you can’t make it to a store, be sure to inquire with one of our dealer partners in Canada or the USA.


Did our trend-spotters hit the mark or miss other popular cabinet trends?


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