Choosing a Wood Alternative for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

PLEASE NOTE:  Superior Cabinets no longer carries the NEXGEN products. Please see the full Laminate Collection here.

As homes become busier and the need for beautiful, low-maintenance products grows, wood substitutes are gaining in popularity in cabinetry.   Wood substitute cabinetry may not equal the natural appeal of real wood, but before you eliminate it as an option, consider the many advantages.

Choosing a Wood Alternative for Your Kitchen Cabinets? | Superior Cabinets Blog


The Appeal of Real Wood:  Many of the colours and species offered replicate the texture and appeal of “wood” finishes that can even fool an experienced eye.  The technology and innovative applications have advanced so much over the years that the new generation of replica wood products provide a more authentic look.

Wood-like textures for your kitchen and bath

Style:  There have been many style advancements as technology progresses.  Many of the wood substitute cabinets are available in a contemporary 5 piece Shaker style or Mitered door styles, which further translate the look of a real wood cabinet door.  The wood grain is oriented the way it appears on a real wood door.  All joints are reinforced with either Cope and Stick joinery, Mortise and Tenon joinery or Double Dowels providing the strength needed for years of day to day use.

Lincoln door style in NEXGEN Samba texture finish

Value:  Wood alternative cabinets are a great way to save money on your next kitchen renovation.  Products like NEXGEN™ are a great solution for price-conscious consumers that don’t want to sacrifice quality or style.

Durability:  Most wood substitute cabinets are highly resistant to scuffs, scratches and heat.  Even after years of sunlight exposure, fading of the laminate is minimal.  Remember, real wood/veneer/natural cabinets will discolour and patina as the years go on.

Microbial Protection:  Many of the wood alternative laminates for cabinets are infused with antimicrobial protection which reduces disease transmission in homes, hospitals, schools and institutions.

Care and Maintenance:  Textured laminate cabinets are extremely easy to clean.  Simply wipe them with a clean damp cloth and you’re are done!  Use warm water and a bit of mild dish detergent for stubborn stains.

Choosing wood substitute cabinets is perfect for those that desire the appeal of wood, but require a much more durable and cleanable surface.


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