Are Wire Brushed MDF Cabinets the Next Big Thing?


The desire for deep and rich texture in cabinetry started to see an increase in demand a few years back. This was due to the introduction of modern slab panel Laminate and Thermofoil materials, which was mostly driven by the barn wood and reclaimed wood phenomenon. However, the need for an accessible and lower cost material persisted.

Are Wire Brushed MDF Cabinets the Next Big Thing?

While various wood alternative cabinets generally satisfied the market demand, our product innovation team wanted to take this one step further. What they had in mind was a high-quality product that had more authentic depth and texture. That next step is called Fusion Evolution, which was officially launched on November 1st, 2018.


Fusion Evolution is a new and innovative collection of textured finishes on MDF, developed by our very own team here at Superior Cabinets. This brand new collection is available on our new Vancouver Slab Door Style in over 30 on-trend solid paint finishes. The texture can be applied in both vertical and horizontal directions, fitting any style.

Fusion Evolution - Sample Door 1


For several years, adding texture to cabinetry was primarily done on wood, which produces a beautiful look. The problem is that that wood material is very expensive and not a feasible choice for many homeowners. Our product innovation team recognized this and wondered if they could raise the bar beyond wood alternatives, but not so high as to reach the unattainable cost of textured wood.

Seeing that there is a significant customer demand for our Fusion MDF products, the team started by evaluating our extremely popular solid paint Fusion Finishes Line. From there many samples were produced to determine the optimal texturing depth for our customers. Once the perfect depth was agreed upon by our product innovation and design team, we moved onto the painting and finishing stage.

Fusion Evolution - Unfinished Sample Door 1

Once painting was completed, everything was sent off for product testing. All of our cabinets must pass a rigorous four-step testing process, as completed by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Read more about Cabinet Finish Testing here. Now that this testing is complete and all samples have passed, we can now bring this amazing new product to the market.


This is the perfect cabinet selection if you love texture and want it at an affordable price. This technique scrapes the surface of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, resulting in an authentically distressed and textured finish. Wire brushed cabinets also add a visual point of interest to your space as they give the illusion of a multi-toned and iridescent quality from light reflection on the surface due to the variation in the groove depths.

Fusion Evolution - Flat 2


For a time, texturing was reserved for wood cabinets, the fine furniture, and flooring industries, but now you can bring it right into your kitchen or any other area that requires cabinetry. If you would like to see our Fusion Evolution Collection in person, please visit one of our showrooms in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton.


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