2021 Kitchen Trends Update


2021 is almost halfway done and our design experts have been evaluating the 2021 kitchen trend predictions from earlier this year. Some of them are going as predicted and some of them you may want to avoid. As a refresher, here were the trend predictions. See the full article here.

Blog – 2021 Kitchen Trends Update by Superior Cabinets. Author- Shahan Fancy.

For the most part, the Superior Cabinets trend-spotters have been accurate with predicting some of the most popular cabinet design trends for 2021, but let’s unpack this a bit more.   


DARK, VIBRANT AND BOLD COLOURS:  Our kitchen design experts have said that Dark and Bold Colours still have not taken off in mass popularity yet. We are seeing dark and bold colours, such as Fusion Onyx Matte, more commonly selected as an accent colour on an island, rather than selected for the entire space.

A dark kitchen island finished in matte black painted MDF cabinets.

In the bold colour range, forest greens, teals and rose tones seem to be better left for throw pillows, wall paint or decorative accessories. In the bold category, Navy Blue is clearly the winner for cabinets. For more photo of blue cabinets, see Fusion Naval, Fusion Denim and, Fusion Bridgewater.

A modern farmhouse kitchen with dark blue lowers and island and white upper cabinets.

COPPER SINKS:  This trend prediction was a bit of a wildcard, and mostly inspired by the COVID-19 global pandemic, because of the advantages of copper sinks in the home, as copper is better than other materials at preventing the spread of infectious diseases. While our kitchen experts have seen the odd one here and there, it is still a niche look and may never hit mass appeal.


DECORATIVE HOOD FANS:  This trend may have been better predicted as Cabinet Hood Fans in general, rather than decorative ones, as stated previously. Many homeowners are moving towards ditching the freestanding stainless canopy hood fan and opting for either sleek custom cabinet hoods or custom two-toned cabinet hoods, often in multiple substrates. 

A kitchen with a custom square and sleek modern decorative wood hood fan by Superior Cabinets.

SLIM SHAKER:  Some might say the slim shaker cabinet door has not been as popular as it was predicted to be. Our experts say this is market specific, cooler in some areas, and exploding in popularity in the USA. That said, more time will be needed to evaluate. What we haven’t nailed down is what the preferred name is for this door, Slim Shaker, Skinny Shaker, Micro Shaker, Narrow Shaker, or Thin Shaker? Call it what you want, but we still believe it is here to stay.

A slim shaker, skinny shaker cabinet door by Superior Cabinets Canada and USA.

For a complete gallery of projects featuring the Slim Shaker Door, see the ERYN – Slim Shaker Door in Wood and the DARBY – Slim Shaker Door in One Piece MDF. You can also find more information on the technical specs of the Slim Shaker door here.

Cabinets with an Eryn Door Style also known as slim shaker, narrow shaker, micro shaker, or thin shaker.
Maple Thin Shaker – Raffia Handcrafted Finish


WOOD ALTERNATIVE CABINETS:  In 2018, the cabinet industry noticed a surge in popularity for wood alternative or pre-finished cabinets. In 2021, Laminate Cabinets or TFL (Thermally Fused Laminate), have steadily climbed in sales growth. Once reserved for accent areas such as bathrooms, bars, etc., our kitchen design experts are now seeing more and more laminate / TFL in the kitchen. We feel this is because it not only fits the look and budget, but also because of the incredible durability of this product, compared to other options. 

Modern kitchen with Laminate TFL cabinets on back wall in a warm light brown wood tone with a vertical woodgrain.

BUTLER’S PANTRY:  Have you seen my glasses? “They are on top of your head,”… That is sort of how the experts feel on this one, as it was missed and probably should have been on the 2021 trends list. Many of the custom home plans and those who are doing major renovation / remodel projects are finding ways to incorporate a deluxe Butler’s Pantry. It really comes down to having more storage and proper zoning for larger appliances, bar fridges, etc., to get them out of the primary kitchen area.  

A butler’s pantry with painted white MDF uppers and lower cabinets, design and cabinets by Superior Cabinets Canada and USA.

RUSTIC WOODS:  There is no doubt that rustic woods are trending in 2021. Our design experts feel that the global pandemic has increased the desire to bring nature into the home. Rustic Maple, Hickory, and Black Walnut seem to be the top-selling rustic wood species. Our experts have a close watch on this trend.

Custom vanity made with Rustic Knotty Hickory in an English Tea Stain all made by Superior Cabinets.


Spotting kitchen design and cabinet trends can be tricky. Design styles evolve and the needs and wants for homeowners can change quickly. Whether you embrace kitchen cabinet trends or prefer to avoid them, it’s good to be informed. See the full 2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Article Here.  

If you would like to chat about cabinet trends for your home, feel free to get in touch with one of our Superior Cabinets Kitchen Designers in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, or Winnipeg. If you are outside of those trading areas, be sure to connect with one of our Authorized Dealer Partners in Canada or the USA. 


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