2018 Kitchen Trends


It’s that time of year again, our trend spotters have been scouring various industry tradeshows in Canada and the US, various publications and of course the internet for 2018’s biggest kitchen trends. Much like 2017, we aren’t seeing anything extremely ground-breaking in cabinet trends. Here is what we see for the top 2018 kitchen cabinet trends.

2018 Kitchen Trends


Light Carver Kitchen cabinets by Superior Cabinets
The X Column:  The X island column started to dominate Houzz and Pinterest in 2017 and we continue to see this trend growing in late 2017 and 2018. This style of island column has become popular as mission and farmhouse-style kitchen trends continue to grow in the kitchen area, creating that dramatic focal point that really catches the eye. X Columns are easily complimented with X Mullion glass doors, which look great in stacked upper cabinets or full height cabinet doors.

Knotty and Rustic Wood Grains:  Although wood kitchens have dramatically decreased in sales volume over the years, we predict that you will see small embellishments of knotty or rustic wood accents in kitchens being installed in 2018. This will most likely be in accent areas such as shelving, wood hood embellishments/trim work or islands in two-toned kitchens. Wood finishes are moving away from the very dark to the mid to light tones.

All Gold Everything:  Brushed gold cabinet hardware is going to carry over from 2017. Some have been nervous or reluctant to make the switch, citing that it reminds them too much of brass. There are more kitchens online and in inspiration books featuring brushed gold and many clients that have held off selecting it are now moving forward with selecting it because of general market acceptance. Gold and brushed gold will be sticking around for a bit longer.

Materials Mixing:  Mixing multiple colours, materials and finishes in a kitchen is almost the new standard. There was a time when having two finishes in a kitchen was considered progressive, even risky on the resell side. As eclectic styles trend more in the home, the two or even three toned kitchen are extremely accepted in the market place and loved by many.

Blue and Green Finish Samples by Superior CabinetsBlues and Greens:  Dark and light blues continue to gain popularity in 2018, but don’t sleep on green in the kitchen! Green colours are going to be hot in 2018. We’re seeing light and dark green accents in cabinetry colours as well as in backsplash tile. No longer just reserved for changeable accents such as paint or decorative accessories, people are putting blues and greens in more permanent selections such as cabinets and tile. Blues and Greens are one of the hottest 2018 kitchen cabinet color trends in Canada, United States, Europe and the UK.

Black Hardware:  We are seeing advancements with black and black nickel cabinet pulls. These finishes pair beautifully with light, medium and dark wood and wood alternative cabinets. The increase of rustic modern styled spaces in 2017 has definitely driven this trend. Some homeowners are wanting a more industrial look in their home and this is the perfect spot to do it.

Quartz is King:  We have seen several new products hit the market in the countertop space, but nothing has come close to the market demand for quartz countertops. This is an area of the kitchen that people aren’t willing to take a risk on when it comes to new products, that being said Quartz is here to stay.

Wood Alternative Cabinets:  As real wood cabinet sales decline, wood alternative cabinets are increasing in popularity as home owners and builders seek lower cost alternatives for their kitchen cabinets. These are typically known as Melamine, TFL (Thermally Fused Laminate) or Thermofoil. These are often extremely durable, are low maintenance, come in many colors and can be a great choice for those that like a bit of texture. Read more on choosing Wood Alternative Cabinets.


Under Cabinet Lighting by Superior CabinetsLED Lighting:  We can’t emphasize enough how popular LED lighting in the kitchen is. Not just reserved for under cabinet lighting, people are incorporating lighting inside their cabinets for improved visibility. Don’t get caught in the dark on your kitchen remodel without proper LED lighting.

Light Vanetta Kitchen cabinets by Superior CabinetsInside Matters:  For years, the insides of kitchen cabinets were often overlooked in the planning phase of a kitchen renovation or remodel. Today designers and home owners are as concerned with the inside as the outside. Accessories that make their lives easier and more organized such as spice pullouts, recycling pullouts and storage dividers are pretty much a standard now. Gone are the days of just shelves. A truly perfect kitchen is as orderly as it is beautiful.


Flush Mount and Built-in Appliances:   These are continuing in popularity as people demand cleaner lines in their kitchen. Flush mount fridges, built-in fridges and flush mount ovens are still in demand in higher end kitchens.

Medium Terra Kitchen cabinets by Superior Cabinets

Hiding the Microwave:  It’s becoming very obvious that the microwave is something that people can’t live without, but don’t want to look at. As Over-The-Range (OTR) microwaves decline in popularity, microwave drawers and built-in style microwaves gain in popularity. It is very clear is that people are sick and tired of having the microwave as a focal point.


Ageing in Place:  Universal Design is still a major focus for many renovation and remodel clients, as most want to stay in their residence as long as possible. This is why more drawers are being put into kitchens, as ergonomic and accessible design improvements are extremely important. Planning for today and for the future is definitely not the worst idea.

Open Concept:  In housing design, renovation and remodel planning, the open concept still at peak demand. Lifestyle spaces that are open and have different zones to serve the busy family of today are what people want. We’re seeing a slow increase of formal dining rooms in upper end new home design plans, but the open concept is still the clear winner.

Light Sheen Kitchen cabinets by Superior Cabinets

Spice Kitchens:  We’re seeing a slight increase in the demand for spice kitchens in upper end new construction “forever homes”. What is a spice kitchen? A Spice Kitchen is a small separate contained kitchen within a home that is often used for cultural cooking. Read more about Spice Kitchens here.


Let’s face it, there are some kitchen trends that will go and some kitchen trends that will last. You can embrace them or avoid them. Our advice is to take your time and stay within your comfort zone when making selections. We always recommend that you seek the advice of a professional such as Interior Designer and/or Kitchen Designer to help you sort out the details and your ideas. If you struggle with making that final decision it may help to get multiple opinions from the experts, but always choose what makes you feel good. If you would like to talk trends with any of our kitchen designers, we invite you to stop by one of our corporate showrooms which are located in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton and Calgary.




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