2017 Kitchen Trends


UPDATE:  Click here to read our 2018 Kitchen Trends Article.


Our trend spotters have been keeping a razor sharp eye on what’s up in coming for kitchen trends in 2017.   So far the predictions for 2017 seem to be nothing revolutionary and are a comfortable transition from the top sellers in 2016.  Here is what we see for the top kitchen design trends for 2017.

STYLE TRENDSBundy: Brentwood Modern Farmhouse

Brushed Gold:  Gold was reintroduced for cabinetry handles and knobs in early 2015 and has slowly been gaining popularity.  We predict that there will be slow and steady growth for this gold finish handles and knobs, especially as manufacturers and supplier’s introduce more styles in this up and coming finish.

Handles Over Knobs:  Handles will definitely be the choice cabinet hardware selection for 2017.  Clean, minimal, and easy to open are the top criteria when choosing cupboard handles.  In 2017 we will also see the continuing trend towards handle-less cabinetry.  Push to open doors and drawer offer a convenient way to access your cabinet contents.

Solid Painted Cabinetry:  We have seen rapid growth of solid and painted cabinetry over stained cabinets.   We are finding that the demand in this category is for MDF cabinets, as there are many advantages and cost savings opportunities over painted wood.

Popular solid painted colors include white paint, brown greys, soft greys and whites with chalking like the Alabaster finish.  Many feel that these colors are timeless and have a longer shelf life compared to other colors.

Wood Alternatives:  As homes become busier and the need for beautiful, low-maintenance products grows, wood substitutes are gaining in popularity in cabinetry.   Wood substitute cabinetry may not equal the natural appeal of real wood, but before you eliminate it as an option, consider the many advantages before you avoid them.  Read more on Choosing a Wood Alternative for your Kitchen Cabinets.

2016-sa-kitchen-sep9-edit-with-logo-webRustic Modern:  We’re seeing a growing trend to the rustic modern style with kitchen and vanities with injections of heavy grained woods such as Black Walnut for warmth and texture.  This is the perfect style for those that don’t mind some natural wood elements and texture.

Quartz Countertops:  Will still be the countertop of choice for 2017.  There are so many benefits to quartz countertops and it seems to be the favored choice for the busy home.   We are still seeing a trend with waterfall edge on kitchen islands for that one of a kind focal point.  Granite is making a small comeback for those that appreciate the natural artistic nature of stone.  Ultimately it comes down to what is best suited for the client’s lifestyle and need requirements.

Unified Height Cabinets:  Upper cabinets that are the same height is still the desired look.  This can include cabinets and crown that go all the way up to the ceiling or slightly below.  Gone are the days of alternating staggered height cabinets, which lend to a more traditional style.  Stacked upper cabinets will be a continued trend well into 2017 and beyond.  Not only does this element of design add additional upper storage, but it delivers the look of grandeur to the space.

Superior Cabinets Products

Cabinet Style Range Hoods:  This category exploded in 2016 and will continue in 2017.  Part of the increase in demand for cabinet style wood hoods is because of a shift towards injection traditional and contemporary style elements.  There is also an increased demand for hidden appliances (please see APPLIANCE TRENDS below) and cabinet range hoods are the perfect solution.



LED Lighting:  We predict that LED lighting will be the largest growth category in 2017, 2018 and it shouldn’t be avoided.  Once you experience or interact with a kitchen fully equipped with energy efficient LED lighting, you will soon realize why lighting is a becoming a must have in kitchen design.  There are so many incredible and easy to install options for LED lighting.  Top lighting placements in kitchen cabinets include inside base cabinetry, under upper cabinets, above toe kick, on top of upper cabinets and cabinet interiors.

Corner Cabinet Alternatives:  The people have spoken and they want anything but a Lazy Susan.  Probably the coolest Lazy Susan alternative is the Not So Lazy Susan by Glideware.  This solution allows the opportunity to hang pots and pans in a corner cabinet using adjustable hanging hooks.  It helps keep pots and pans organized, plus its unique design offers very ergonomic usage of your corner cabinet.  Corner drawers are also a great option for a storage solution in the corner.  Drawers also give you easy access to cabinet contents.  Read more on Lazy Susan Alternatives.




Flush Mount and Built-in Appliances:   These are becoming very popular again in our markets.  This trend seems to cycle in and out every 5-7 years.   The most popular are flush mount fridges, built-in fridges, flush mount ovens and microwaves.


Built-in Microwaves:  We predict that kitchens of 2017 will have less Over-The-Range microwaves (OTR) and more built-in style microwaves.   This is mostly to do with style and functionality preferences.  There is no doubt that the built-in microwave’s best kept secret is that provides a more ergonomic design.

36” Wide Fridges:  Bigger is better in the refrigeration category for 2017.  In early 2006 most kitchens had a 30” wide fridge and sometimes a 33” fridge.   The 36” fridge started gaining popularity in 2008-2009 and ever since then it’s the new normal.  We are also seeing a trend towards larger refrigerator freezer combinations.  If space allows, 42” to 48” commercial style combination appliances are definitely nice to have.



Ageing in Place:  Universal design and aging in place is still of the utmost concern of clients today.   This is mostly because of the longer life longer lifespans of people and their long-term commitment to stay in one residence for as long as possible.   We are noticing an increase of those that want to design their kitchens with these principals.

Improved Space Planning:  We are seeing an increase in customer demand for improved space planning.  Clients are more informed and are demanding more from their space in terms of improved functionality and accessibility.  People want more than just a beautiful cabinet, they want more intentional design with their kitchen.


Islands Over Peninsulas:  Clients are still looking for that perfect island getaway in 2017.  The perfect kitchen island of 2017 will most likely be large and all one height and square or rectangular.  The demand for kitchen islands is prevalent because of home designs of today.  Single Height Islands are especially popular because this lends to a more open space and provides the look and functionality in demand for today’s house plans.   Peninsulas and Islands with raised sections will have to wait another year, as the single height island provides a much more efficient, on-trend application.


As kitchen trends come and go, remember to follow your instincts when making major decisions.  Always consult the advice of professionals such as Interior Designers and Kitchen Designers and don’t be afraid to ask for multiple opinions.

UPDATE:  Click here to read our 2018 Kitchen Trends Article.


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