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Accessorizing your Kitchen: In a time of innovation, kitchens have not fallen short with many great ways to make our lives easier through accessorizing. From the old lazy susans to servo-drive drawer openers (electronic push open drawers systems).

Some of the newer accessories that have come out on the market are:

  • Pull out spice racks that fit behind 3” or 6” fillers – you can use them to  hang spices or cutlery items

  • Drawers for under sinks

  • Corner Drawers
  • Mixer Shelf to store heavy Mixers and lift them to counter height
  • Not So Lazy Susan

  • Pull Out Recycle Wastebins
  • Magic Corners

And of Course there are the classic, must have accessories:

  • Pull Out Spice racks

  • Slide Out Trays

  • Cutlery Trays
  • Knife Block Pullout

  • Tray Dividers

Great sites to check out for more ideas to enhance your next kitchen are:

www.richelieu.com or www.rev-a-shelf.com


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