Getting A Handle On Cabinet Hardware

Many have said that cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the cabinet. While that statement is true, your cabinet hardware also plays a vital role in protecting the cabinetry finish. Choosing your cabinetry hardware can be one of the most difficult tasks. Here are some things to consider when choosing new handles for your cabinetry.

Getting A Handle On Cabinet Hardware


This is the first decision you’ll want to make. This is completely a personal choice and one you’ll want to spend a bit of time on. Handles take up a larger surface area of the cabinet and come in many shapes and sizes.

Knobs are typically smaller and often more subdued. Knobs are also a great choice if you would like the option to easily change them in the future, as they only have one screw hole. Handles come in many drilling sizes and can’t be easily changed.

If you are considering both, it is often best practice to install the knobs on the door fronts and the handles on the drawer fronts.

Handles and Knobs

If you are choosing cupped pulls, they often go on the drawers and are complemented with a knob on all cabinet doors.

Cupped Pulls and Knobs


There are many finishes for cabinet handles or knobs. Popular finishes include: Brushed Nickel, Black, Polished Chrome, Gold and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Many people choose hardware finishes based on what compliments their chosen cabinet colour, as well as what matches their lighting and interior door hardware finishes. Click here for a full selection of our decorative hardware.


This step is often overlooked and one not to be missed in the decision making process. In addition to the visual aesthetics of the handle or knob, be sure to also consider the user experience. If you can, take time to feel the handle material, shape and how it would feel using it to open a cabinet door or drawer. For handles also see how your hand fits it, as some that have a low clearance may not accommodate all sizes of hands.


Choosing your cabinet hardware is often one of the last things you will have to select. Understandably, this can sometimes make it easy to put off until later. It is always recommended that you don’t put this off – find one you love and make the choice. Because these handles and knobs often have to be ordered by your kitchen cabinet manufacturer or dealer, choosing them at the time of order will ensure they arrive on time with your kitchen cabinets. Although delays do happen, there is nothing sadder than having to open your newly installed cabinets with a makeshift handle made from painters tape.

Tape Handle


In a world with so many options, choosing your cabinetry handles or knobs can be a daunting task. Take your time and use the process of elimination to get to your desired choice. Always choose decorative cabinet hardware that you love and not just like. This will ensure you enjoy it for many years to come.


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