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We often get asked about the various fridge types available and what is the best for a new home or a kitchen renovation.  The type of fridge depends on your needs, the space and your budget.  We often encounter the following types of fridges when working with our clients.

Facts About Fridge Depths | Superior Cabinets Blog

Standard Depth Fridge

This is often the least expensive option.  This is also typically the largest fridge option in terms of footprint.  They are often 35” or 36” total depth including the doors/handles.

Contemporary basement wet bar featuring handcrafted fusion MDF cabinets in an iron ore finish, quartz countertop, cork floor, Aventos uppers, mullion glass doors, available at Superior Cabinets.

PRO TIP:  The doors/handles and side part of the fridge will protrude away from the cabinet.  So if you are looking for that clean streamlined look, this isn’t your best option.


Counter Depth Fridge

This is a great option for those looking for an in-between option of affordable and looks nice.  The counter depth fridge can be up to 33” in total depth including the doors/handles.  Only the doors/handles protrude from the cabinet, and not the side of the fridge.

Counter Depth Fridge

PRO TIP: Remember, you will sacrifice interior capacity for looks, counter depth fridges often have less interior storage space.


Flush Mount Fridge

This is the perfect option for those that like that sleek partially integrated look.  The flush depth fridge is only about 24” total depth plus handles.   Only the handles protrude out from the cabinet for that high-end look.

Contemporary two-toned kitchen with painted white maple cabinets on the perimeter and medium stained maple cabinets on the island, available at Superior Cabinets.

PRO TIP:  This is not the best option if you have a low ceiling clearance, as these types of fridges often require room for the compressor on the top.


Panel Ready Fridge

Often the most desired look for either traditional or ultra-modern kitchens.  You will see this in many of the high-end kitchens and is perfect for those wanting to see more of a cabinet look.  The panel ready fridge is designed to fit flush with your cabinetry (about 24” total depth).   Only the appliance handles are visible on the cabinetry panels.


PRO TIP:  Allow extra some cabinet budget for the integrated fridge panels and a proper appliance handle.  This can add in the range of $1,800 – $3,000 depending on the requirements and cabinet material selection.



There is no right or wrong decision for your new fridge.  They all come in various sizes, with various options and in various budgets.  Of course, we always recommend you consult with appliance professional in our local area.  They have the knowledge and can show you these examples in their showroom that will help you find the perfect fridge.


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