What is the average cost of a kitchen remodel/renovation?

The number one question most customers ask when remodelling their kitchen is… What does an average kitchen cost? This is a very challenging question to answer simply because there are many shapes of kitchens and factors that contribute to the price of a new kitchen. Let’s explore some factors that contribute to pricing to help you make an informed decision on where and who to purchase your kitchen cabinets from.

What is the average cost of a kitchen remodel/renovation?


Let’s discuss the five most common factors that impact the price of your kitchen cabinets:


The material selected for the construct of your kitchen cabinet doors will significantly impact the price. The general rule of thumb is that Wood Alternatives and MDF are at lower to mid-range price points. Natural or wood species such as Maple or Black Walnut will be more expensive. This doesn’t include any finishing costs, just the core material.

For example, a basic L-Shaped Kitchen like the one below can be priced at $6,000 in a painted MDF, $8,200 in stained Maple and $10,200 in Black Walnut.

L-Shaped Kitchen average cost kitchen remodel reno


Simply put, a space with basic full height doors [no drawers] will cost far less and will be more affordable than the one with lots of drawers, pantries or open finished cabinets. Cabinets with drawers have added costs because of the necessary drawer glide hardware and open finished cabinets require extra work and finishing. Eliminating one drawer bank can easily save you $300-$500 on your kitchen, depending on the material and drawer system selected, which can have a huge impact on a small kitchen remodel.


It may seem really obvious, but counting the amount of cabinets in the proposed design is something often overlooked when comparing apples to apples and comparing quotes from competing firms. For example in a 12’ space, you can have the same amount of inches of cabinetry, but one design will have 8 cabinets vs. 12 cabinets.

Cabinet Count average cost kitchen remodel reno

As you can see, the design on the right side with 12 cabinets has 8 extra door fronts and 2 extra drawers fronts and glides, which can add approximately $400-$500 or more to your price.


The taller your upper cabinets, the more material and product will be required to make your cabinets. You may also need extra crown mouldings if you are finishing up to the ceiling. That being said, this will increase your price. So if you are looking to take your cabinets right up to an 8’ or 96” ceiling, which is popular in many kitchen remodels, you will need a two-piece crown moulding to successfully finish this off.

2-Piece Crown average cost kitchen remodel reno

This is due to the variability in the ceiling, as nothing is level. This two-piece crown moulding design allows the installer to play and hide the variability in the ceiling for a beautiful looking install.

Crown to Ceiling average cost kitchen remodel reno


There are many contributing factors in this category, but the heavy hitters that add cost are the following:


A flat five-piece shaker is more affordable than a raised panel.

Flat Panel vs Raised Panel average cost kitchen remodel reno


A wood dovetail drawer box with soft close will cost more.

Dovetail Drawer average cost kitchen remodel reno


Adding a glass door is more expensive not only because of the cost of the glass, because your cabinet maker now has to line the interior of the cabinet to match the outside and build the cabinet door an open assemble frame (OAF) to have the glass fitted into it.

Glass Doors average cost kitchen remodel reno


Decorative panels or door panels take more time and product to fabricate, therefore adding significant cost to your kitchen.

Decorative Panels average cost kitchen remodel reno


Decorative columns and corbels are really expensive to make and finish. They are often made by hand and require extra material and careful management of each piece, which is why they are so expensive and will add to your cabinetry budget. They are extremely labour intensive but can be worth it for that perfect focal point.

Columns average cost kitchen remodel reno


Things like Lazy Susans, spice pullouts, organizers, recycling or garbage pullouts also add significant cost to your kitchen cabinets. There can also be different grades of available accessory quality and most cabinet makers will use the highest quality accessories to ensure you get the best for your dream kitchen.

Accessories average cost kitchen remodel reno


As you can see, there are many variables when it comes to pricing your dream kitchen. Pricing “Apples to Apples” for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation can be very difficult or virtually impossible when planning your kitchen. For more in-depth pricing examples, see What Does an Average Kitchen Cost. We always recommend working with a professional Kitchen Designer who can help you establish a budget, as they will keep you working towards your goal of achieving your dream kitchen. Please note that prices may vary in Canada from the US market.


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