4 Things to Know Before Your Kitchen Renovation

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Living through a kitchen renovation is tough.  There are a number of things to consider when starting your kitchen renovation: layout, cabinet finishes, budget, timeline, etc. One thing that seems to get overlooked, is that you and your family are going to have to live in the home through the renovation and will have no place to prepare meals, or clean up after. Good planning and forethought can help to relieve stress related to a kitchen renovation. Remember that this process can take, on average, 3+ months to complete.


My first suggestion is to pre-make and freeze meals. Using a microwave and slow cooker/crock pot in an unaffected area of your home will give you home cooking quality meals. There are many recipes and plans on Pinterest for homemade frozen dinners.


Secondly, I would suggest setting up a temporary kitchen.   Temporary kitchens are perfect in your basement, with a wash station, hot plate and small refrigerator. You will need a place to store perishable items such as milk and vegetables. Remember that if you are renovating an open concept home, that the entire main level of your home will be off limits. You will want to consider where your family will spend their free time; watch TV, do homework, crafts?


Another option to consider, although it may not be financially possible for all families, is to move out of your home during the renovation. Look for an apartment close to your home that will allow month to month rentals or a 6 month agreement. This is a great option if you have children and/or pets, this may be the most beneficial option. Contact the real-estate agent, as they can often help you find a suitable place.  Of course Kijiji is another great place to search for short-term rentals.


And finally, remember that a kitchen renovation is a process that takes time. Things may not always go to plan and there will undoubtedly be some unexpected situations to handle. Good planning is the best way to manage these situations as they arise.


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