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Welcome to the Demitasse kitchen renovation project.  This home is tucked away in the heart of Erindale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and was recently announced as the winner of the Kitchen Renovation of the Year at the 25th Annual Bridges Awards, presented by the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association in February 2017.

Kitchen Renovation of the Year - Demitasse | Superior Cabinets

The homeowners wanted to renovate their 1980’s home and bring the layout and finishes up to date.  The main objective was to remove the wall that partitioned the old kitchen from the dining room to create an open space perfect for their busy family and entertaining.

The clients worked with Marina Arthur, Senior Design Consultant of Superior Cabinets Saskatoon.  From initial conversations, Marina knew exactly what needed to be done in order to achieve the client’s vision.


  • Create an open space by removing a wall and sunshine ceiling.
  • Bring the space up to date (1980’s Home).
  • The client wanted an island with seating and storage.
  • Increased storage.
  • Family Friendly.
  • Renovated to stay in their established area, rather than relocating in to a new area.


A variety of unique design elements were used in this renovation project.

OPEN SPACE:  The main wall that separated the kitchen and dining room was fully removed.  The sunshine ceiling was removed, exposing the expansive vaulted ceiling.  “We designed 103” tall custom cabinets to take advantage of the unused elevation,” said Marina Arthur, Senior Design Consultant of Superior Cabinets Saskatoon.  This provided an expansive look, as well as added extra storage.

NO VISIBLE PLUGINS AND LIGHT SWITCHES:  All plugins and light switches were built-in to the bottom of our custom cabinetry for a seamless decluttered look.  This was a “must have” item for the homeowners and is very much on trend with today’s kitchens.

CABINET ACCESSORIES:  Cabinetry extras include Sink Drawers, Pullout Knife Storage and 2 Bin Garbage and Recycle Centre.

CREATIVE USE OF SPACE: The space in this Saskatoon renovation was effectively used by creating zones.  These zones each serve a unique function and give multiple areas for people to use and hangout in.  Breaking up the space into zones allows for dedicated storage and prevents the family members from piling up on top of each other, all while being in the same space.

BREAKFAST NOOK:  A breakfast nook was creatively designed with cabinetry to transition the area leading down into the lower level in this 1980’s 4 level split that would normally be occupied by a railing.  Extra storage as added in the lower family room on the back side to match the kitchen which seamlessly integrated the two levels and added storage for audiovisual components.

BEVERAGE AREA:  This was designed in the dining room to create a separate beverage zone from the kitchen, which is prefect for entertaining.  This is by far one of the client’s favorite spaces of the home, as these items can now stay out of the kitchen.

HIDDEN BROOM CLOSET:  Marina and the client worked very closely on incorporating hidden broom closet/pantry in the kitchen area.  “Incorporating a broom closet is often overlooked in the planning phase,” said Arthur.  Special push to open door hardware was used to eliminate the need for cabinetry handles and provided a completely hidden effect.


This renovation proves that a well-planned space can pay off in dividends.  In a recent conversation, the clients discussed how much happiness and joy their new space brings them on a daily basis, not to mention a functionality and beauty.

If you would like to chat about an upcoming kitchen renovation or new home project, ensure we’re your first call!  We have kitchen and bath showrooms in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton.  Let one of our kitchen and bathroom designers help you plan the perfect space. Book an appointment today.  Contact us today.



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