New Wood Stains – Inspired by Nature

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There is no dispute that the COVID-19 global pandemic has influenced interior design style trends. At the height of the pandemic lockdowns, the trend emerged where homeowners wanted to find creative ways to bring nature into their homes for a stronger connection. Organic and natural wood elements in the cabinet industry started their renaissance, where painted white cabinetry has reigned supreme for several years now. That said, lighter wood stains are the top choice for 2022.

New Wood Stains - Inspired by Nature. Author - Shahan Fancy, Superior Cabinets.

Other trending Interior Design styles influencing these lighter wood stains are Art Deco, Organic Modern, Boho Chic, Eclectic, and Transitional styles. Organic Modern or Organic/Natural has had the most significant gains in popularity, especially with millennials. The 2022 National Kitchen & Bath Association [NKBA] Design Trends Study reported that 57% voted Organic/Natural as their second most preferred choice, slightly below the Transitional design style at 59%. This is a massive gain in popularity for Organic/Natural, as this style finished in ninth place only two years prior.   

To stay on top of this trend, the Superior Cabinets portfolio team is pleased to announce the official launch of 2 new wood stains called Butterscotch and Cornsilk. These two new stains are available on all wood species, including Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Rift Cut White Oak.


The Cornsilk Stain on wood offers a white tone that softens the appearance of the wood grain while embellishing the authenticity of natural wood. It is the lighter option of the two stains, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Wood samples of the Cornsilk stain on Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Rift Cut White Oak by Superior Cabinets


Butterscotch offers a slightly warmer tone that lends to a sleek mid-century modern style, a perfect fit if you want to add an Organic Modern vibe to your kitchen.  

Wood samples of the Butterscotch stain on Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Rift Cut White Oak by Superior Cabinets


The Superior Cabinets’ Kitchen Design Experts feel that Butterscotch and Cornsilk will be more popular as an accent colour for the initial launch. This is because current style preferences and kitchens entirely stained in one colour haven’t yet come back to mainstream popularity. Typically, the experts see wood stains used as an embellishment or an accent colour for Islands, Floating Shelves, Two-Toned Wood Hoods, Upper Wall Cabinets only, or Lower Base Cabinets only.

The top door styles of choices for these two new wood stains are predicted to be in the Wood Five Piece Flat Panel category. The popular door patterns are expected to be the Eryn [Slim Shaker], Arizona with a beautiful 30-degree rout transition, or Georgia which perfectly bridges the gap between contemporary and transitional styles.

Hickory wood with Cornsilk stain on an Arizona Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Hickory Cornsilk – Arizona Door
Rift Cut White Oak Wood with Cornsilk Stain on a Vienna Slab Veneer Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Rift Cut White Oak Cornsilk – Vienna Slab Veneer Door
Oak wood with Cornsilk stain on an Eryn Slim Shaker, Narrow Shaker, Micro Shaker Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Oak Cornsilk – Eryn Slim Shaker Door

If on a wood Solid Raised Panel, the Superior Cabinets Kitchen Design Experts predict that many homeowners, designers, and renovators will choose a Rustic Door for a bold organic nature-inspired look. If Rustic is not suitable for you, the experts predict that the Tuscany or Canmore door styles will be the top selections.

Cherry Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Tuscany Solid Raised Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Cherry Butterscotch – Tuscany Door
Hickory Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Canmore Solid Raised Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Hickory Butterscotch – Canmore Door
Black Walnut Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Pembroke Solid Reverse Raised Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Black Walnut Butterscotch – Pembrooke [Solid Reverse Raised Panel Door]


The Superior Cabinets portfolio and development team can take several months or even years to develop a new wood stain. Many essential elements are carefully planned before launching. For example, matching PVC edge tape must be selected for each wood species and stain colour, as matching edge tape must go on the cabinet cases or carcasses. Also, custom Homeowner Touch-up Kits need to be sourced, fabricated, and assembled for each colour.  

One of the main factors that add to the development time for new stains is the required steps for the laboratory testing process standards set forth by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). These testing items include Accelerated Natural Wear and Tear, Hot and Cold Testing, Substance Tolerance, and Long Period Exposure to Detergent and Water. Learn more about the Cabinet Finishing Process here.

The 4 step Cabinet Finish Testing process by Superior Cabinets.

Repeatability is also of paramount importance to the Superior Cabinets Manufacturing team. New wood stains must be able to be repeated numerous times to ensure the colour is within a target range of colour. Multiple rounds of stain testing must be completed before a new stain colour is launched. Testing ensures that the doors and fronts are as close to the same colour as possible, as no two trees are alike, and each piece of wood will accept stains differently.


As lighter wood tones climb in popularity, the team at Superior Cabinets is pleased to offer these exciting new wood stain options. These trending lighter wood stains are a refreshing alternative to clear or natural unstained wood. The jury is still out on which of the two will be most popular, but time will tell.

If you would like to see these two new wood stains, ensure you get in contact with an Authorized Superior Cabinets Professional Kitchen Designer in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg. If you are located outside of the Corporate Store Locations, connect with an Authorized Superior Cabinets Dealer Partner in Canada or the USA.


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