Saskatoon Tiny House Meetup – How to Make the Best Use of Small Spaces

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Tiny House Saskatoon Meetup at Superior Cabinets.

On Saturday October 3rd, 2015 Superior Cabinets held a Meetup for the Saskatoon Tiny House networking group at their head office in Saskatoon, SK.  The Saskatoon Tiny House Meetup group is comprised of local people that are interested in the tiny house, ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) and Garden Suite movement.

The Saskatoon Tiny House Meetups are organized by Dustin Main, who is a local entrepreneur, adventurer and photographer who lives part-time in Saskatoon when he isn’t travelling the world.  “We hope to create a welcoming space for tiny living enthusiasts to come together, no matter where they are on the path… whether just starting out (tiny-curious) or already well on their way to building the tiny house of their dreams,” says Dustin Main, Organizer of the Saskatoon Tiny House Meetup group.

The speaker for this event series was Shahan Fancy, Corporate Sales Development Manager of Superior Cabinets.  Shahan’s presentation was titled “How to Make the Best Use of Small Spaces” which gave some insight into small space design, why small space design matters, tips and tricks for designing small spaces, what’s new in cabinet accessories for tiny spaces and some important advice for the DIY (Do It Yourself) client.  The presentation was followed up by a showroom tour, where the participates got to see a Toe Kick Drawer, Sink Drawer and some of the latest innovative cabinetry accessories.


Wood under sink storage cabinet accessories available at Superior Cabinets.

“There are very few kitchen cabinet design resources available for tiny house enthusiasts and small space design can be as equally rewarding as challenging,” says Shahan Fancy, Corporate Sales Development Manager of Superior Cabinets.  “Often Tiny Homes are built by someone that is a (DIY) do it yourselfer and we want to offer design help wherever we can to help create beautiful and functional spaces… remember, it’s not the size of the space, it’s how you use it.”

Superior Cabinets would like to thank Dustin Main, the Saskatoon Tiny House Meetup group and the attendees for sharing their time and spending the afternoon at the Superior Cabinets showroom.

For more information on the Saskatoon Tiny House Meetup Group, please visit their Meetup Page or their Facebook Page.  Please also see the article titled “Big growth in Saskatoon’s tiny homes” by Morgan Modjeski, The StarPhoenix.


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