Our 5 Least Popular Cabinet Finishes of 2016

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Our 5 Least Popular Cabinet Finishes of 2016
We thought it would be fun to highlight our 5 least popular cabinetry finishes of 2016. Now, just because they are on this list doesn’t mean they are “ugly” per say, they were just the least selected by our clients.

Now some context before we get started. In 2016 we are on track to produce approximately 85,000 cabinets, which equates to approximately 25 kitchens per day. We supply those kitchens to our 4 corporate stores in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton, as well as our dealer network which is comprised of approximately 75 dealer partners in Canada and US. Of our 123 cabinetry finishes available, here are our 5 least popular cabinet finishes of 2016.


Heather MistIntroduced in 2004, this paint and glaze finish on Maple was probably a few years ahead of its time. It’s rich and has tons of depth. Every part and piece is handcrafted to perfection by our skilled fishing team. We would say the reduction in its popularity is because of the increased demand for painted MDF cabinetry. Also the glaze on Heather Mist has a peachy undertone unlike our more popular Chantilly Cream which has a soft grey glaze. We’ll let you be the judge.  See Huntswood



51This was one of our first finishes introduced in 1980. We know this because our first employee Murray Lowe was around when the color was developed. “We used to call it ‘Light’ back in the day before we named our stains. The Cottage stain had just a hint of color in it to tone down the natural color of the Oak,” said Murray Lowe, Senior Account Manager of Superior Cabinets Saskatoon. Cottage Oak, which has just been retired this year, is similar to Natural Oak which is still available, so don’t worry if you are feeling nostalgic. We’d say that 36 years is a pretty good run.




41Introduced in 2003. This light brown stain with a warm pink undertone exploded in popularity upon its development. Wood stains were just coming back on trend from white painted cabinets of years prior, and Maple Sugar was welcomed with arms wide open. We have officially discontinued this finish, as the demand for white and painted white cabinetry is back. As they say, if you keep anything long enough it will eventually come back into style.



31Developed as part of our Fusions Finishes Line on MDF in 2009, this dark finish boasts a reddish/orange undertone with a handcrafted chalking running deep within it. We would say this is lacking in popularity today, as cabinets with red/orange undertones just aren’t popular. This finish is on our watch list and will most likely be discontinued in the New Year (2017).





21Introduced in 1999. When Prince penned the anthem “1999” he failed to mention Bordeaux as an up and coming finish. Had Prince woven this rich red/burgundy stain name into the lyrics of his song, it probably wouldn’t be on this list. All shenanigans aside, this Cherry colored wood stain was the talk of the town for many years. This is a complex stain that is bold and full of character. For several years, this stain was considered the status symbol of many exclusive high end kitchens. We suspect there will always be a place for a stain of this stature, but time will tell.



Again, just because these finishes have made the least popular list, doesn’t mean that those colors still available aren’t still a great choice for your next cabinetry project. If you are interested in seeing what’s new and exciting in cabinets, stay tuned for our 2017 Kitchen Trends article.


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