2019 Lean Assessment

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In March of 2019, Superior Cabinets had their annual Lean Assessment, which was conducted by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Saskatchewan. Superior started their Lean Journey in 2015 and achieved their Lean Certified status in February of 2018.  

In classic continual improvement style, Superior was able to increase their score to 3.1/5.0, up from 3.0/5.0 in 2018. For past scores, see Superior Cabinets Receives Lean Certification. This .1 increase is a major achievement for Superior Cabinets. 

“I am extremely proud of our entire team for contributing to our success. There is an incredible amount of time required to prepare for these audits and it takes participation from our entire team to make these things happen,” said Michael Kachur, Continuous Improvement Manager of Superior Cabinets.

“While there have been many successes, we also have to address several important opportunities for improvement as identified from the audit. Our team has already started an action plan to get these improvements into action,” said Kachur.

Superior Cabinets will continue to invest into Lean via training, implementing standardized processes and deeper problem solving.


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