Message From the CEO

Superior Cabinets has a long held and well-earned reputation for its fine quality products, outstanding service and dedicated employees. Established in 1980 by visionary Charles Larre, the organization has, since its inception placed a high value on not only crafting beautiful products, but creating dreams.


Our company has grown from just a few employees to nearly 300 dedicated people with five corporate stores throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, a strong network of dealers and our manufacturing facility in Saskatoon. Over the last several years our company has transformed itself and is vigilant in continuing our transformation. Our belief is that the kitchen is a special place – a part of your lifestyle that is more than just cabinets. It’s where you live, socialize, interact, relax and, yes cook. “Kitchens designed for life” is about designing and building your dream kitchen, a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. That is why every Kitchen we design and build is unique, everything is custom made for each of our customers.


Our company is united in our vision of delivering a “Superior Customer Experience” that is driven by a relentless passion to innovate focused on our customers as seen through the eyes of our professional design teams, our beautiful showrooms (physical and virtual), our broad portfolio, our professional installation teams, the “customer first” philosophy of our manufacturing team and our exceptional customer service.


Our vision is to simply “be the best.” We want to create quality customer experiences and provide premium and innovative products tailored to the needs of you, our customer. We want to be the employer of choice, we believe our success for over 35 years is because of our outstanding people that inspire us every day, and the next 35 years will be no different.


Let us create your dream kitchen to fit your lifestyle, so you can live life—your way.

– Scott Hodson, CEO

Superior Team
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Scott Hodson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Hodson is the President and CEO for Superior Cabinets. Scott first joined the company in 2008 where he served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing prior to his transition to CEO in 2012. Scott has had significant experience in customer oriented organizations having spent 15 years with Kraft Canada in various senior sales and marketing roles and four years as an executive at Information Services Corporation, a provincial Crown corporation.

Scott is active in shaping the strategy of the company. He is driven by growth of the business and growth of the people in the company. He believes everything starts with the customer and that our company will build itself around the customer. His focus is on creating an exceptional experience for each of our customers whether they are a builder, a builder's customer, a renovation customer or a dealer.

Scott has learned a great deal in his professional career and is learning again as a relative newcomer to the industry. But as with any business, regardless of what you sell, it is the customer that matters and Scott believes that you must make a difference to them or their business in order to succeed.

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John Povhe

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, John is responsible for leading the finance function and IT infrastructure functions. He is responsible for overseeing relationships with financial partners, Board Governance and financial reporting within Superior Cabinets.

John believes that service is about listening to the unique needs of customers and providing them with solutions that they will be delighted with. He looks forward to Superior being widely recognized as the kitchen and home design company that changed the customer experience from simply supplying and installing high quality cabinetry to delivering a memorable customer experience that surpasses expectations.

John has coached his children in many sports where the focus has been on the power of team play and positive feedback. He finds it gratifying to watch team dynamics form and see the successes that result from teamwork, positive attitudes and good sportsmanship—both on the sports field, and at work.

In 2015 John successfully completed his Lean Green Belt Certification.

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James Neufeld

General Manager - Saskatchewan

James Neufeld is the General Manager of Superior Cabinets Saskatchewan, which includes Regina and Saskatoon Store locations along with Superior’s Saskatchewan dealer network. James earned his degree from the University of Saskatchewan and promptly immersed himself into the cabinet industry. He has been with Superior for 16 years, and has served as Board member and President of the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association.

James believes “we all own the customer experience, and at Superior our customers choose us again and again because of the strength of our people………… we happen to have a great product too!”

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Brian Lipsit

General Manager - Southern Alberta

Brian Lipsit is the General Manager of Superior Cabinets Southern Alberta. Brian oversees the Calgary stores, ensuring excellence in both the Sales and Operations teams. Superior has a variety of customers, each with a different set of values and expectations. Brian states, “What is important to us is that we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations from the initial meeting through project completion.”

In the near future, Superior Cabinets will be the front runner of suppliers in both volume and customer choice. Brian believes that to do this “we must focus our collective energies towards winning the customer, and, as with any successful company, the customer will take you there if you let them.”

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Vanessa Zelada

General Manager - Northern Alberta

Vanesa Zelada is the General Manager of Northern Alberta. Vanessa grew up in the construction industry following the footsteps of her father. She is a graduate of Architecture where she worked in Bolivia, South America for over 10 years. She enjoys the energy and the everyday challenges of design and construction.

Her motto: ARCHITECTURE; designs that survive, adapt to changes over time, and that are FRIENDLY to users and their environment. She believes in the beauty of simplicity. She also knows the importance of translating the customer's vision into a functional space with personality. She enjoys being part of the design process: learn, create, and respond. Every project is an exciting challenge!

She has two children; Natalia and Adrian. Every day she learns something new from them. Vanessa enjoys the outdoors (when it is not too cold) and she loves to play tennis.

Superior Cabinets Edmonton was recently selected as the 2017 Consumer Choice Awards winner in the category of Kitchen Cabinets in Northern Alberta. This outstanding achievement is a testament of Vanessa and her team’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service in the kitchen cabinet industry.

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Jason Warkentin

Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Jason Warkentin is the Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Superior Cabinets. He joined the Superior family in 2007 and currently provides direction and support to the manufacturing operations, supply chain, catalogue and custom departments. He is responsible for the balance of overall efficiencies, while supporting innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. He has a diverse manufacturing background with more than 20 years of experience working in multiple industries including food processing and heavy agriculture manufacturing. Jason is passionate about Continuous Improvement and the positive impact it can have on culture across the organization, supply partners and customers.

Jason believes that Superior’s success can be found in its diverse work force and simple-yet-powerful philosophy of a customer-first manufacturing model. He says, “Our logic is not constrained by viewing ourselves primarily as manufactures, but rather, we see ourselves as being in the business of people that happened to produce kitchens.”

When Jason isn’t doing a Quick Kaizen or a Continuous Improvement task at home, you’ll find him traveling or spending quality time outdoors with his family.